Smartthings hub in frozen state

Having trouble with my smartthings hub. Went away on holidays with it working perfectly and came back to a frozen hub. Rebooting it gives the prompt on my phone that the hub is online but no virtual systems are working. So I can turn my TV on & off but virtual switches I use for security, location mode and routines are all stuck. Trying to use webcore to change the location mode does nothing either. Everything also seems to be very delayed. Triggering a security sensor results in a phone notification about 7 mins later.

When I come back home from holidays it would normally run a webcore piston that would change location mode to home, turn off SHM and turn on some lights.The lights turn on and work but the security keeps going every time I trigger a sensor because I can’t disarm anything.

Logging into the IDE and pressing ping hub it says it got a response on the 24th of march, which makes no sense to me. Rebooting the hub via IDE does nothing. It’s a gen 2 hub and the light is green. In the IDE it says my virtual switches are online but when trying to use them they don’t work. I’m not sure how else to get control back.

While I was away I did get a notification that all my sensors were off-line, which normally happens when the hub updates so purhaps an update killed my hub?

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that was discontinued in March :slight_smile:

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Right, I literally checked the status page 12 mins ago and it said no issues, thanks.

The ping hub feature was discontinued?

yep… discontinued, terminated, shut down