Smart things hub going down hill

Lately I’ve noticed that rules via smart lighting are starting to work or not work sporadically. Sometimes lights will follow my rules, sometimes they won’t, and sometimes they go haywire. Is there a fix beyond removing and reestablishing the connection with each device?

My SL started acting up a few weeks ago, ended up moving my automations to CoRE and deleted SL. No more issues.

Where is core? I can’t see to find it in the smartapps section.

I’m having this problem as well today. After Friday’s cluster-f with the Google Home integration (and all other smartapps for that matter) my SmartLighting rules don’t appear to be processing at all.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding the rules and nothing appears to be working at all.

Quite infuriating.

It’s community – created code. You have to get it from the author’s posted repository.

There’s a major firmware upgrade going on so quite a few issues coming up lately plus the normal cloud hiccup. Hopefully thing will quiet down soon.

I have missing devices and routines running late or not at all since my update on the 6th of April. I plugged the power and batteries for a bit but intermittent issues still occurring.

Hop ship to CoRE. If you have a firm grasp of IF-Then statements it is light years better and faster than smart lighting. I’ve noticed my motion tracking is way better than smart lighting was.