SmartThings Classic App keeps popping up login screen [OBSOLETE]

About 2 weeks ago, I frequently find my Android phone showing the sign-in screen (browser). Out of the blue, while I was using another app, the login screen will pop up. I can log in without problem but it keeps coming back. Any ideas?

Also, I can’t seem to find the Classic App in Play Store any more?

turns out I can still update the classic App. It is just that searching “SmartThings Classic” always gives me the new app. I’ve updated. Let’s see if problem goes away.

Issue still happens. While I am using some other apps, like Pokemon Go, I will suddenly get redirected to a webpage to login Smartthings. It is very annoying.

Hey there @Dish, I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing this symptom and I’d be happy to look into your concerns.

What android device are you using for the most accurate troubleshooting steps?

Have you tried clearing the cache of the browser application that you are using?

I would first make sure to clear the cache of the applications and restart the device.

The Pathway on an Android Device for Smartthings and the Classic App would be:
Settings>Apps>SmartThings Classic App>Storage>Clear Cache
Settings>Apps>SmartThings>Storage>Clear Cache and Restart your device.

If the symptom persist, I would also recommend wiping the cache partition of your device.

Here are the steps (may vary based on the device you are using):

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the Power key.
  3. When the Android logo displays, release all three keys.
  4. An ‘Installing system update’ message will show for 30 – 60 seconds before the Android system recovery menu options appear.
  5. Press the Volume down key several times to highlight wipe cache partition.
  6. Press the Power key to select.
  7. Press the Volume down key to highlight yes, them and press the Power key to select.
  8. When the wipe cache partition is complete, Reboot system now is highlighted.
  9. Press the Power key to restart the device.

Keep me posted if the symptoms return.

I hope this message finds you well!

I managed to fix it by clearing the data on the SmartThings app and start over. I guess reinstall will also work but I worried I won’t be able to find it in Play Store.

@dish Yea it happens to me also .
do any one have solution to this.

The classic app was shut down a couple of years ago so you posted in a very out-dated thread.

There are others experiencing log out issues so you may want to search for a more recent thread. :slight_smile:


@jkp thanks i was also wondering