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HELP! Smartthings classic app logged me out and won't let me back in



Been running Smartthings Classic for a bit over a year now with no problems. Then last night the app logged me out and now I can not log back in. When I do try log back in it gets to the point where the app opens and seems like it’s loading but then logs out again.

  • On Android 7.1.1
  • Phone: Sony Xperia X
  • Latest Smartthings classic app

Not sure if it’s related but before the app logged me out all I was doing was registering a new TP-Link HS100 onto my home wifi network (not adding to Smartthings, just connecting to Wifi). During the connection it logged me off the home Wifi and then I struggled to get back on. Then the Smartthings app logged me out (not sure if a coincidence or not). Phone is back on the home wifi now no worries.

  • I can log onto my account and see hub etc on IDE site
  • I have rebooted the hub
  • I have tried clearing the app cache
  • I installed the new Smartthings app just to try that and it does seem to let me in (although all my sensors etc show disconnected so I assume they are not compatible).

Any ideas?


(Jimmy) #2

have you tried choosing new user?


Yes and then putting in my details. Same result.

(jkp) #4

Others are experiencing this issue…


Android user here, same issue. Login loop.


Anyone had/got any updates on this?

(Mike Debney) #7

I’ve had the same problem for ~a week now. Submitted a support request 4 days ago, still received no response. One time after clearing the app cache and logging in as a “new user”, the SHM and favourites list worked for approx 30 seconds before logging me back out again. I can log into the web ide ok however.

SmartThings Classic app login error/loop

Yip, I reported but heard nothing back either.

My app has magically let me back in this morning. Fingers crossed…


Seems like auto recovered, login today and successful

(Mike Debney) #10

Looks like its working again for me too now.