HELP! Smartthings classic app logged me out and won't let me back in


Been running Smartthings Classic for a bit over a year now with no problems. Then last night the app logged me out and now I can not log back in. When I do try log back in it gets to the point where the app opens and seems like it’s loading but then logs out again.

  • On Android 7.1.1
  • Phone: Sony Xperia X
  • Latest Smartthings classic app

Not sure if it’s related but before the app logged me out all I was doing was registering a new TP-Link HS100 onto my home wifi network (not adding to Smartthings, just connecting to Wifi). During the connection it logged me off the home Wifi and then I struggled to get back on. Then the Smartthings app logged me out (not sure if a coincidence or not). Phone is back on the home wifi now no worries.

  • I can log onto my account and see hub etc on IDE site
  • I have rebooted the hub
  • I have tried clearing the app cache
  • I installed the new Smartthings app just to try that and it does seem to let me in (although all my sensors etc show disconnected so I assume they are not compatible).

Any ideas?


have you tried choosing new user?

Yes and then putting in my details. Same result.

Others are experiencing this issue…

Android user here, same issue. Login loop.

Anyone had/got any updates on this?

I’ve had the same problem for ~a week now. Submitted a support request 4 days ago, still received no response. One time after clearing the app cache and logging in as a “new user”, the SHM and favourites list worked for approx 30 seconds before logging me back out again. I can log into the web ide ok however.

Yip, I reported but heard nothing back either.

My app has magically let me back in this morning. Fingers crossed…

Seems like auto recovered, login today and successful

Looks like its working again for me too now.

I think I am experiencing this today…

I had this with the IDE today.

Add me to the list.

Another awesome day with ST.

Oh mine is going for extra points.

Sometimes the app opens and it works, but I get an unexpected error message flashing.

Other times it opens and shows me the rooms I have but they’re empty and no devices.

Sometimes it opens and gives me the setup screen, compete with asking me for the welcome code to set up the hub from scratch.

Of course this happens the day after I get the wife to install the app and see how much better things are now.

Meanwhile she’s home but her presence won’t update and the house keeps going into away Mode.

So much fun.

Mine just started doing something similar as well. It also seems to launch the app and is sitting there waiting for me to sign up or login. It takes me out to a webpage where I have to login. Checked permissions for all three and are good. Disables the fingerprint authorization and I get an email saying someone has signed in to a new device.
Pixel 2 android 9 Classic App.