Smartthings cannot find Qubino Flush Shutter


Hello! I’m trying to add a Qubino Flush Shutter to my Smartthings, but it cannot find it. I wired it as shown in the diagram below. The Qubino instructions say to press the button that leads to the L1 lead 3 times in short succession to put it in pairing mode. That doesn’t seem to work. Please help.

(Jimmy) #2

Have you tried a general exclusion to reset it?

(Eric) #3

as I understand it, general exclusion would remove its existing pairing from the ST hub . An actual reset of the device itself would require a specific procedure that varies by manufacturer and device.

(Jimmy) #4

Some devices are used, or tested at the factory, so they think they’re paired. A general exclusion wouldn’t hurt.


I got it paired. I think the antenna was too bundled up. It’s showing up in the Smartthings app now, but the roller shade doesn’t move when I use the app to open or close it. The roller shade does work with the momentary contact switch.


Would someone please help me? Qubino support didn’t respond to my email. The Flush Shutter shows up in the Smartthings app, but it doesn’t respond to the commands.

(Jimmy) #7

Where did you purchase it from? They may offer support.


Amazon. I just posted my question there.

(Jimmy) #9

Was The Smartest House the seller On amazon?


Yes, it was The Smart House. I’ll try reaching out to them. Thanks!

(Jimmy) #11

Email their support or try here @TheSmartestHouse


Did you install a custom device handler for the module before adding it?

If not, please try this one:

If you haven’t installed custom handlers before, please get in touch with our support for step-by-step instructions.


Thank you for assistance. TheSmartHouse helped me resolve my issue. The tile on the shower wall was blocking the signal.