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Qubino Device disappeared and can't be paired to ST hub

(zohar) #1

I have many devices types connected to SmartThings, and I enjoy it very much.

A few weeks ago, one of my “Qubino flush shutter” devices was removed from “my devices” completely.

The buttons for activating it disappeared from the app devices and from the favorite on the home screen.

Some routines and scenes that used this device were stopped from working.
And I had to fix them manually.

I thought that the Qubino device was the problem, and bought a new one to replace it.

But I can’t get the device to pair to ST hub, I have tried many many times (I have installed several Qubino devices before with success)

I have also tried this -

But with no success.

As I mentioned, a few weeks ago the device (that worked perfectly) was suddenly removed from the app like it wasn’t ever there…

  • Yes, I have the most updated Device Handler
  • *Other Qubino devices I have installed are still running ok

Any idea?


(zohar) #2

Anyone can help?


(Tony Fleisher) #3

If you are using custom code for the dth, try going into the ide and republishing it.


(zohar) #4

Thanks, tried it but with no success…