Qubino Flush Shutter unable to pair

Hello! I just installed a new Qubino Flush Shutter for a Dooya motorized track. When I powered it up, everything seemed okay. I used the momentary contact switch to open and close the drapes. Then, everything immediately stopped working. The Smartthings app doesn’t see the Flush Shutter. Engaging the L1 connection three times by pushing the switch up doesn’t do anything. Engaging it five times right after turning on the power doesn’t do anything either. I’m not sure what to do. I rechecked all the wiring, and it’s okay. Suggestions?

I scanned the qr code with the Smartthings app, and it reports that the device is not supported. The pn looks like it’s an older version. I wonder if the dealer sold me an old version of the Flush Shutter.

I put in a help request with Qubino two days ago. Still waiting to hear back. Does anyone have any suggestions? Tomorrow, I plan on taking out the Flush Shutter and just using track with the momentary contact switch.