Qubino Shutter Integration

Hi, can any body help me with the device handler for a Qubino Shutter. My hub is. V3. Thanks a lot

Look here for a DH:

Otherwise you can contact Qubino support for their “official” DH.

I’ve had a look and actually there is a stock/official DH from ST as well.

So you should be able to add the device without any custom DH, just through the app.

This device handler is very limited to use qubino. Qubino release from qubino website has much more features.

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Does someone know any better device handler for the Qubino Flush Shutter?

The SmartThingsPublic/qubino-flush-shutter.groovy at master · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub device handlers seems to show a blank screen on the SmartThings mobile app.