Smartthings Cam Not registrering on my samsung account

Hi, I bought 2 shiny new smartthings cams and I fail to get them to work. Hoping someone in this community has had similar problems and knows how to solve them.

Both cameras behave exactly the same.

  1. Add device in the new smartthings app.
  2. I wait for them to blink and are ready for pairing.
  3. It asks me to scan the QR code.
  4. my phone asks me to connect to the camera wifi [CAM ST 3214412. something like that. cant really remember]. I press connect
  5. The app asks me for my homes wifi network. I choose the home network
  6. the camera led turns green
  7. the app tells me. almost ready. registering your camera to your samsung account. Here it just hangs. the procent counter goes upp then down to 30% again. It seems to try 3 time before it fails

Anyone else has this problem ? Is it because I have two factor authentication on my samsung account ? I cant find anywhere to turn it off.

Your help is appreciated


I have the same problem. 99% then won’t connect to hub.

Any luck getting this resolved? After a few hours with tech their solution was to “return it and buy another one”…

I solved mine. I did a soft reset of the SmartThings Hub using the button on back to flashing yellow, then temporarily connected hub to my iPad hot spot. Then the camera, which connected right away. then I went back to the original network and all is connected as it was before,.

Great news. I will try it tonight and report back. Then the problem may be with our providers or the router we use. I have an asus router btw.

you know what I think also just changing your Wi-Fi network name will do it. There’s a bug that won’t let it connect to the same network as second time.

Tried and failed. The same problem with the hotspot wifi :frowning: I get to 99% … I will try again tonight, I will connect the hub via ethernet see if that makes a difference.

Hey there @ArnoudST and @99ramon,

Thank you guys for reaching out for assistance with your concerns.

I wanted to see if you’ve tried resetting the Camera(s) that is having the issue?

Reset the SmartThings Cam
If the SmartThings Cam didn’t connect, it may need to be reset. To do this:
Press and hold the reset button
Release the button when the light blinks blue 3 times
The camera will “click” when it successfully resets

If the symptoms persist, I’d recommend giving this troubleshooting article a try for your Smartthings Camera.

You can locate the article here at this link:

I hope this message finds you well!


Lol so past the camera reset. Maybe 15 times Ive reset

Well, I agree with you there. My cameras have been reset a million times by now but still I thought I would clarify my findings for the next guy running into this problem.

I resetted my hub and lost all my automations etc and started over from scratch which in the end was totally unnecessary. These cameras seem to be directly connected to the cloud and do not connect directly to the hub.

All credit to you @99ramon for the solution that worked in the end.

If your camera is hanging at 99% and fails to connect. then do the following. I used an iPhone but I guess its similar for android.

Turn off your router at home. Then rename your phone to the same SSID your home network has and start internet sharing with the same network password as your homework which you turned off.

Now connect the camera to your Phone network (hotspot, internet sharingwhatever its called these days). It will now register on your samsung account. Now after that you turn off internet sharing on your phone and give your phone back its old name. Now turn on your router at home and the camera will connect to your home network (because you used the same name and key/pwd as your home network).

You can then control and automate it via your hub and all is good in the hood. The important thing to remember. Dont reset your hub or do anything with it. The problem is not there. Now why it wont connect the normal way right from the start. That I dont know. In the end the result is all that matters. It kept my occupied for a good few days during the pandemic :slight_smile: Stay safe !

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ArnoudST, Smart Things App makes me deactivate my hotspot before scanning.

These cams are garbage, so frustrating.

this is probably why so many are on ebay.

I tried @99ramon 's idea and it solved (momentarily) I managed to finish the installation and was able to register it to my Samsung Account. But, the minute I turned off the HotSpot and turned on the WiFi I was no longer able to connect to the camera.

The only thing that helped me fix all the issues was to connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network instead of the 5 GHz. I reset the camera again (for the 999 time) and went through the whole process once again but using the 2G WiFi and now it works perfectly!!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I discussed this same thing with @johnconstantelo I got 2 of these, 1 connected perfectly to my 5ghz network but the second would only connect to 2.4ghz. Would get to 99% registering to my account, just hang then fail.

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Yeah like @saosinx88 said, these cameras are little finicky w/5ghz. I ended up putting both of mine on 2.4 and they’ve been fine ever since. I’m beginning to wonder though if my issue could have been that I was trying to use my WiFi extender’s SSID. I’ll have to play around with that, but for the life of me I can’t find where to change the WiFi info without having to reset the camera and maybe lose it’s setup in SmartThings?

I have a completely different result, my 5ghz is much more stable than on 2.4ghz WiFi but my 2.4ghz has much stronger signal and I also turn off sound and motion (except person) for recording and it seems to be fine for hours now, while on 2.4ghz seems will hang sometimes but will resume like tens of minutes or so after wards, I guess I can only keep monitoring it, I am aware my 2.4ghz spectrum has tons of things like hue bridge and smartthing’s hub as well as 2.4ghz networks from neighbor but I think the camera is a bit too sensitive and I don’t see any update regarding firmware, I also turned off wide angle view but I can hardly see a reason it would matter and the camera seems pretty hot itself

I’ve definitely noticed these cameras get extremely hot. In regards to it it hanging… have you tried switching from FHD to HD and turning off HDR?

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Oops that’s probably the last thing I want to sacrifice on and it looks even better than Amazon cloud cam for video quality in Full HD and hdr, either the sound/motion detection with video save overload the camera I am getting a pretty stable camera now on 5ghz, we’ll see

I was about to grab 4 of these, but looks like my money would be better spent on something else.

I somehow doubt firmware will be updated, other than the fact that these are Smartthings branded, I just don’t see Samsung taking the initiative now that they are shedding device development, and haven’t seen any indication that Aeotec will be adopting this camera.

What do you guys think, worth it at 20 bucks?

It is definitely worths more than 20 ymmv but I assume you can always return it if you don’t mind the hassle, I really like the features it offered, like sound, motion and person detection