SmartThings Camera Won't Register

Having real problems connecting a ST camera. My son recently purchased a hub and hasn’t had any issues connecting various sensors and bulbs. The ST camera installation seems to go well but stops at 99% and then fails. We have tried everything. Support said it was worth switching off one band of the dual band router but it is a dual band camera from what I understand.

Does anyone know of any tricks of the trade to get this working or should I just get a replacement camera?

@bluebanana try setting it up on your phones hotspot using data. Once the camera has been added, change its wifi back.

How would you change the SSID back to the home network on the camera?

@bluebanana the guide I found was outdated…

Before that, try factory resetting the cam. My cam had an issue of not being detected but 6 factory resets later, it worked.

See the bottom of the guide to see how to reset it.

We’ve reset it numerous times …

@bluebanana Found a more recent guide to changing wifi. You reset it and re set it up. So connect it to your hotspot and see if it works. If so, reset it and try it on your main wifi. If it doesn’t work on your main Wifi, try the 5Gz band if you are trying 2.4 and 2.4 if you are trying 5. Hopefully it will work.

OK so after everything failed, the camera was sent back to Amazon and a replacement was ordered.

Guess what, the replacement camera won’t register …

@bluebanana this is probably an account issue. Create a new account and try that. Also, are you using the new or classic app?

New app.

I’m giving up on this. Sending back to Amazon for refund. Samsung just lost the sale of several cameras …

@bluebanana samsung cameras aren’t that great anyway. Try ring (for SmartThings compatibility), Eufy (best all-rounded), or Wyze (cheapest).

Update. Just as we were about to send our second camera back to Amazon it came to life and registered in the IDE. I don’t think it a coincidence that this happened immediately after the 32.7 firmware update.

All looks good now.

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well there you go then, but keep in mind that they aren’t the best and ebay has a lot of used ones for sale.

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@bluebanana they probably fixed the bug