Smart Cam isn't detected by SmartThings when connecting it to the app (bought in US, installed in Australia)

I recently purchased a SmartThings CAM for use in Australia while travelling in the USA.
On returned to Australia I unboxed the camera then using my iPhone SmartThings App attempted to install it.
The camera appears to be working (I can see WiFi device “[CAM] St-2 ….”) but the app is not detecting it.
Neither SmartThings> Camera or SmartThings> Camera >SmartThings Cam appear in the device list.

The app has been reinstalled and factory reset to the camera.

Any Ideas???

The app is region locked. If a particular model isn’t available in your region then it may not be listed.

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That is annoying. I imagine regional lock down is not something you suffer from in the US.

You don’t happen to know if there is any way to connect it from a SmartThings Hub just by entering raw parameters?

The cam doesn’t communicate with the hub at all. It is direct to the SmartThings cloud.

Have you contacted SmartThings support?

Might be able to surpass the region lock if you have the ability to run a VPN on your WiFi network and choose an American server to sit on. Not sure if this would work, or even after setup it would continue working with or without a constant VPN connection.

region is determined by your samsung account. So a VPN probably won’t work. Some poeple have had luck getting their Samsung Account region changed, but not sure what other implications that would have. Seems a little risky IMO.

Did you ever get this working? I see now that the Smartthings app in Australia has the option to connect the Smartthing Camera RC8335PRO which looks identical to the new smartthing cam available in the US.

I was looking at getting one of these from the US to see what they are like and to see if they are any better than the Arlo cameras which I currently have which are pretty poor when it comes to the smartthings integration.

Not sure if you ever got an answer. But the SmartThings Cam RC8335PRO does work in Australia.

Can’t comment on how it compares with Arlo since I don’t have one but the ST Cam works pretty well.