Smartcam connects and shows as ACTIVE but won't stream

Hi again

Last night I tried to add a Samsung smartcam to my hub. Yeah. That was fun. By which I mean a very frustrating four hours with a lot of unladylike language.

Anyway. I have succeeded in adding the camera to the Smartcam website and app, works perfectly.

I have suceeded in adding the camera to the Smartthinsg app, and triple checked the Wifi and Camera password are correct.

However, every time I try to look at the stream from within the Smartthings app, streaming fails.

Any ideas? I can just use the other app, but it really bugs me when I canโ€™t get things to work like they should.

sometimes I see so, you try:

1/ Plugout power adapter, plugin try again
2/ You can creat new account and attach camera samsung smartcam into new account smartcam (

Thanks for the suggestions. For no apparent reason while I was at work it just started working. Yay!

Is it now safe to delete the Smartcam app and just use the Smartthings app?