New Fan/Light Controller for Smartthings (Universal Smart Ceiling Fan Remote)

Hi Everyone while looking through Home Depot’s site I came across this device and ordered today. If you have this item can you share your experience. I have the Hampton Bay solution which works but was looking for a simpler alternative as I have several more fans to replace. If in interested here is the link

Looks pretty much identical to the Hampton Bay zigbee controller, except it’s WiFi instead of zigbee. I prefer zigbee for several reasons, but this might be a better option for some people/situations. Not sure this is going to be significantly simpler than the zigbee version. Might actually be more complex as far as getting integrated with SmartThings.

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This is one of the fans that has the Bond software built into it. (Rather than using the separate stand-alone Bond remote.)

They are promising SmartThings integration through the new V3 app. Looks like it would be worth a try. :sunglasses:

This remote converts your standard ceiling fan into a Smart ceiling fan making it compatible with Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, or Amazon Alexa

I have the home depot 99434 fan controller installed and working with Bond and Smart Things. Is anyone familir with a different smart app to use for control? I attempted to use the 4 speed fan thermostat 2017 Dale Coffing but cant get this to work. I have 3 DCOFFING device handlers installed and published. KOF Zigbee fan controller, KOF Fan speed child device, and KOF Light child device. Did I miss something on the SmartApp side?

I installed this remote on Friday and using Bond instructions I was easily able to connect it with the SmartThings app (no hub required). Using ST will allow you to schedule on and off scheduling.


Can I ask, did you get the fans working? I had everything working under the classic app, but I have not been able to get things working under the the new smartthings

I use this exact controller and it was superior to the Hampton bay option since the St integration is native