Universal Smart Wi-Fi 4-Speed Ceiling Fan Remote Works with Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Alexa

does anyone have any experience with this from home depot? i’m currently running on the wink version and got it to work in ST via the device handler but it only works in classic app - not the NEW app. will the link below work in the NEW app without any type of device handler or custom coding? the home depot site said it will work via the Bond app and i see Bond is a brand supported by ST but i wanted to make sure before i went through with installing it.


maybe @bond-jacob or @bond-merck can say whether it works through their integration with SmartThings?

I just realized it says works with SmartThings in the description :blush: So yes, since Bond ONLY works in the new app, it should work fine in the new SmartThings app.

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ah makes sense - guess i’ll be swapping it out today

Come back and let us know how it goes!

I use them and they work prefect with fast two way communication. Recommended.

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Swapped it out and it works from the remote but having an issue connecting to bond home app…had to run out but ill check it back later

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Hey guys providing an update. Apparently bond was having an outage yesterday which is why i couldnt sync it with the bond app but i opened a ticket today and they told me about the outage and to try again now that it is resolved and it worked right away.

Once you link your bond account to ST the fan shows up in the NEW ST app without any device handlers