Convert existing ceiling fan/light remote to SmartThings?

I have 3 of these remote-enabled fans at my home. I have most of them hooked up to a TP-Link Kasa switches, which obviously just turns them on/off, but I’m hoping I can do more.

Does anyone know if/how it’s possible to convert that remote to a wifi-enabled SmartThings device? Or do I just need to suck it up and get the Bond Bridge instead?

I’m sure it could be done, but not so sure how much trouble it would be worth going another route than something like Bond or Broadlink. Neither of which I have experience with, but I suppose the important part is if either has the ability to control the fan.

Otherwise, I’m imagining major surgery to connect smart relays to the fan.


i have 6 fans which are controlled by broadlink IR or RF blasters. and there are posts on the forums for how to connect broadlink - alexa - smarrthings, i am planning to put in that effort.
so, yes, i think broadlink or bond is the way to start with it, in my understanding.