Smartthings app and devices unusable. Login?

(Marc Purkiss) #1

My Smartthings Classic app will no longer login. I am in a perpetual loop. When I open the app I get a screen, new user or existing, click existing, enter email, opens browser, asks if I agree, takes me to the app, two seconds later the whole process starts again! Very frustrating and now I have no access to my devices!
Anyone able to save my sanity? I use a HUAWEI P10 and have used Smartthings for a year with not too many issues. I have searched the forums and found similar issues but no joy in finding answers.

(Jimmy) #2

are you in the UK?

(Marc Purkiss) #4

Hi, yes, UK.

(Jimmy) #5

(Marc Purkiss) #6

Oh, okay! That would explain it. Thanks for that.


(Jimmy) #8

you’ll want to subscribe to alerts from that site for future notices

(Marc Purkiss) #9

Yes I will, thanks Jimmy.