EU degraded app performance - Mar 23-27, 2018

Nothing is working and I can’t even log into the app. Support know about it. Is every one else logged out of the app?

Another one of the “some users” here.

If the app cant communicate or web services are down then this causes many problems - and its happening more and more frequently

Yes dead for me too in uk

If hubitat can get its act together quickly, it could scoop up droves of ST users

Classic example of why the ST cloud dependence is a fundamental flaw in this product.

Being unable to even basically control your own home due to external issues should never happen.

Even more reason to purchase devices / sub systems that can fully function on their own or in their own app regardless if a Smart Home Hub goes down (ie: Nest, Hue with Hue Bridge, LIFX, Wemo, etc). If all components rely on one entry point to be available 24/7, you are in for a lot of frustration in the future. You may lose automation, but keeping the ability to control your devices such as cooling / heating and lighting goes a very long way. :slight_smile:


I’ve only been with the platform for a few months but have already lost confidence in their ability to maintain a cloud infrastructure. Thankfully I’ve designed my setup in such a way that I’ve not lost control, and moving to another platform will be possible, but still time-consuming. I’m not there yet, but Samsung really need to get their finger out.

Is anyone else having problems opening there app at the moment?

Yes, still the status alert is still open and it’s still unresponsive for me.

Think they might be trying to offset the outage time between the US and EU so it is a little more equal for the year overall :slight_smile:

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Yep, since the past 3 days I am having issues too in the UK …i,'ve been with smartthings for 3 months and it is already doing my head in with the requirement for cloud connectivity to actually work and unless things process locally, I will be on the hunt for something else :frowning:

Time to abandon ship I think only 1 days in too :joy::joy:

I am amazed / concerned that this can be out of service for three days!

In this time I have been unable to login to the Smartthings app to make changes / add some new devices.

Why is this a EU issue only? Do they run at different code releases?

They run on different shards, which I think means a different computing power and location base, I doubt it would be a different code base. The US shard has seen similar outages recently. I suspect it has taken longer than expected to fix as it seems to only affect some people. For example I have had no issues logging in and operating my environment over the past three days.

What has annoyed me almost as much as the actual outage is the disingenuous “occasional errors in the SmartThings apps” line in their status updates. At least be honest with your customers.

I also wonder whether the original poster of this thread could change the title end date. Probably best keep it open-ended for now :frowning:

Let’s have some honesty here Samsung!

Do we know any more than whats being said on the status page? My ST hub is useless right now. Cant connect or discover devices , time out issues etc. The stability and reliability of this platform has been getting worse and worse. With this latest outage i am seriously considering dumping ST for something else. ST becomes the center of the home and when thats down its a bad situation.

Still this nonsense continues, not working, working a little bit slow, working, not working.

Just totally unacceptable. Thank goodness I don’t depend on this for anything. Bad enough I can’t turn the lights on and off manually, though automatic functions work fine.

Why anyone thought that an app that would only work through the cloud was a good idea I can’t fathom.

It needs a total rethink, a way to work without the cloud, a way to backup settings, a way to choose when to apply or not apply updates. All the things that you would build and design first before selling hardware.

I now have 2 paper weights. Having had to buy a second starter kit to get more accessories that weren’t available in the shops any other way at the time.

Oh, I also have a third paperweight an unused Hive hub that replaced my perfectly working AlertMe hub because Hive chose to close it down.

Talk about plastic waste!

I can see me building something myself with a Raspberry Pi, at least it would be under my control.

The problem seems to be that there needs to be money to pay for a “system” and the support, whether it is a subscription charge or an up front charge for the hardware, but the latter depends on enough new hardware being sold to cover the future running costs.

Then there is no guarantee that the system will continue to run in the future if there is a takeover by another company.

I think many are in the same situation, they are fed up with the constant change, and constant problems when it doesn’t work.

It can’t go on like this for much longer, or we are all out of here.

I bought / setup a hub last week, not very impressed at all. Few issues, hoping some fellow UK folks can offer some input?

  1. I can’t get into the app at all now and it has been patchy for a few days. Is this rare or commonplace? I am using Android. Also, although I can log into the webpage, it is not showing any of my devices.
  2. I have very thick stone walls in my house, which I presume to be the likely cause for one or two of my multisensors being disconnected. I think I read that a SmartThings plug can act as a repeater of the signal (and have ordered two). Does anyone have experience of this type of repeater system working?
  3. Presumably, there is not local app / way of working things, just the SmartThings app?