App not loading

Is anyone else in the UK experiencing long loading times or even not loading at all with the classic ST app ? According to the emails I have got his issue has been resolved but certainly hasn’t in my case !!!

Yes, was slow then working for a while, but now cannot log in to the app on iPhone.

Also got the email saying it was resolved, I’m sorry it isn’t.

It is working fine for me on iOS app and logging in to web site.
Tried logging out of the iOS app and back in and it worked fine again.

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I was just about to post this.

Try again loading most modules. It’s really hot and miss. And it’s causing automations not to run.

Ongoing EU Performance issue according to the status page

It’s been like this on and off for a number of days now and is now beyond a joke. Samsung should not be providing a service reliant on their cloud infrastructure if that infrastructure cannot support customers.

Watching Hubitat with interest.

At moment is very difficult sign in Smartthings app.
System is down?
Anybody know what happens?

Sad to say but I bet they don’t even know what is going on :pensive:

I sure you are correct…!!!

To save people clicking on the link, here’s a synopsis of the past 3-4 days status update

Issue exists, issue fixed, issue exists, issue fixed, issue exists, issue fixed, issue exists


Smartthings UK is a real mess.
I’m think they’re probably well aware of what’s going on though, there’s enough people complaining.
I don’t have many smartthings, my needs are not very complicated.
I’m going to be looking at other solutions today.
I’ve had enough of this.

What else is out there? I’m brand new to this (less than a week!) and this doesn’t look very promising. I really just need one function, which SmartThings looked to be ideal for:

  • Door sensors and motion detectos to alert for intruders during pre-determined times (say 11pm - 6am)
  • When triggered, sound an alarm and turn on a light (either bulb or lamp via socket)

Get a dog instead? It costs a lot less and, unlike Samsung, also cares about you :smile: :smile: :smile:

Some might say it also leaves you dealig with less :poop: than Smartthings does :wink:


My requirements sounds so simple, but as far as I could tell only SmartThings provide them. But their infrastructure seems patchy at best. I’m not even sure why they need people to use their cloud server? I get it for people wanting to access their devices on the move, but there must be a good chunk of people who’d be happy with a local network which reacts just according to time / sensors.

To be fair to Samsung, this is by far the worst outage in my time with the platform (only 4-5 months though) - its been pretty good otherwise. But, it shows the criticality of a resilient cloud infrastructure and shows that Smartthings does no thave that.

I suspect they know this, hence their drive towards utilising AWS in their future architectural strategy.

Have you looked at the Hubitat thread? I’m keeping an eye on it.

This is unreal how can it still be down.

I couldn’t get the (android) app to log in. It asked me to enter my email address, then to accept terms & conditions, then it told me I’d entered the wrong password. Note that it never asked for my password. I was able to log in by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner when prompted to accept the T&Cs and selecting “open in browser.” It still never asked me to enter a password,but at least I was able to get in.

Edit: Sorry for posting in the UK & Ireland forum - I’m a US user and just searched for the latest “app not working” discussion.

So from what I can see (again, new to this, so please bear with me) from a quick google search, all of my SmartThings devices (SmartThings branded multisensors & motion sensors, D-Link siren, a few Osram lightbulbs) will work with the Hubitat hub as it can operate using both Zigbee and Z-Wave?

These outages seem to be occurring more often now, since the new year nothing but outages.