Smartthings Android (update 17 Dec 2021

This is all I have:

My update has arrived.

Onboarding is STILL broken if you have multiple hubs. That has been several months now. I’d have thought being able to add devices was kind of critical but apparently it isn’t. Fortunately I can use Scan Nearby for all my devices. The second I need to install a hub connected device by list or brand SmartThings will be rendered useless.

Incidentally, the brands are now really slow to populate.

One of the other changes is that the ‘Contact us’ button is now on the bottom of the Menu page. Unfortunately it still just brings up a Samsung Members page which can’t be used to contact SmartThings support in the UK.

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My manufacture list seems to load pretty quickly graham, so everyone’s mileage may vary on that

Support contact is as usual, non existent just like the Download smartthings app on the bottom of the forum if your using Android mobile
But hey, the Forum is non official, sort off

When you first open the Details View of a SmartTag after the app updates you are now presented with an extra tile informing you that the icon is now based on the tag ‘category’. You can either close the tile or change the icon. Until you close the dialogue the icon doesn’t change.

The ability to change the icon via the Edit menu seems to have replaced the ability to select the category using a tile on the main view.

It seems you can only change the icon for tags that you installed into the Location, suggesting the icon is a property of the device itself. I think that was already established though. The other members haven’t had their upgrade yet so I can’t investigate further.

I am unclear how you would usefully tag a ball, or why you’d want to tag your coffee cup unless it is extremely expensive or of sentimental value.

Exciting news.

The Location menu reached by tapping on the home icon and Location name now includes extra information below each Location name.

Yes, it is the information we’ve all been waiting for … the name of the Location owner.


Curiously, this seemingly vital information isn’t shown on the Location details page. Correction: If you delve into the Members section of the Location details you will, of course, find this information there. That was always enough for me.

I guess shaking people until their teeth fall out is frowned upon in the modern workplace.

Not if I was in charge, I also believe in a#$* kicking

Just to note, should members have any info ?? Mine just says
(Ironicaly correct)
If I tap it I just get a spinning wait thing on a black blank page

It should be e.g.

3 people

and when you click through you should see the Location owner name and e-mail address (so I shall correct my previous post) and a list of the name and e-mail addressed of the Members. Which is all jolly good fun. I’ve always hoped that one day it would develop into something a little less pointless. You know, like actually giving us the Member Location of said Members so it isn’t just pulled out of nowhere in the Routines.

It is animated for a second when you first turn on the outlet then it stops.

Finally received the update. The Scene/Routing/Smart App search feature is a really good enhancement, and the added ICON feature is nice, especially when looking at the Favorites page now.

I say that Virtual Switch ICON options should have access to all of the ICON sets available.

Also, SmartThings Smart Power outlets have a lot of ICON choices, but 3rd party Power Outlets (TP-Link Kasa in my case) get a very small set of ICON choices so there’s some inconsistencies.

Ideally I’d like to see the icons presented with both their inactive and active states shown, but I don’t see any real advantage to limiting the selection for any device. Even if the icon doesn’t have active and inactive versions the user might like it that way. Why even bother to limit the choice?

I have been finding devices text on the tile are not reflecting state, or the text does reflect state but only after a tile on a room page is entered and exited
Example below, on device should have highlighted ‘on’ text and the circular button ‘should’ be blue but that’s not part of the UX, hopefully ‘yet’

@fido In SmartThings world you can’t have both, button and icon active. It’s 50% energy saving :smiley:

Il take a big blue button over an obscure icon that might or might not be eye catching anyday Milan, I mean, I would like both but in reality… ain’t never gona happen

and in device details view both are on

I hate to say it, but that’s the difference between Apple and Samsung. Fruit company pays attention to little details more than any other company. They are not perfect either. I have filling that Samsung just releases updates and products without any testing, that they take "it should work” approach, and if enaugh customers complain they’ll fix it or not.

I don’t know About the UK, but in the US this is a common icon for a gym bag. Or sports equipment case.

Just means a ball to me, it has no significant meaning of anything else… maybe sports at a push !

I also wonder why there is an umbrella icon ?? Are these highly prized in the US !

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They certainly aren’t for me. They are generally a single use consumable.

There also seems to be a keypad lock icon. You’d think it would be relatively hard to mislay one of those.

Also, there is a push chair so you can tag that and also pets… what about the push chair content ?

I think it’s more a matter that in many places they aren’t used that often, so when the big storm does arrive, you never know where your umbrella is. So you end up going without or buying a new one.

This is a common enough issue that the Tile tracker blog has an article on umbrella tracking. :open_umbrella:

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WOW…a whole article about finding… an Umbrella !!!

Only in America :rofl::rofl::rofl: