Smartthings Android (update 17 Dec 2021

Some changes have been made in various places

Small change found when adding a device
When this page appears and you scroll up, the page stops scrolling indicating the end of the scroll and available options, you then need to scroll up again to show all other manufactures, someone added a scroll stop when one should not have been used

It is going to be ‘interesting’ to test that. For several months now there has been an acknowledged bug with adding devices from the lists when you have multiple hubs (it puts the same hub into pairing mode regardless of your choice). If they have tarted it up and it is still broken I will not be pleased. Adding devices is somewhat fundamental after all.

They’ve already spat in my face this week so they need some credit fast.

Do I see Kasa added to the featured brands there?

Been there a while for me Graham

Is the search looking glass icon new on the routines page ? If so I haven’t noticed it before, resolves this page when tapped

With the new version you can change icons on device tiles.
Open device, 3 dots, edit, change icon.


Wow, they listen our complaints.

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That’s a nice start, but from the screenshots it looks like they are alternatives within broadly the same category.

I wonder what happens if the device is in multiple categories.

I was checking that already. It’s a good start, but you are right, some devices that I have already changed icons with edge driver, for example plug changed to humidifier, is giving only light options and a fan, for some reason

They need to open this a little bit more. Also some devices have no options to change icon yet, like sensors, locks, etc.
But it’s good start.
Now we need to give feedback :smiley:

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@nayelyz @erickv
Now this one is interesting. My old Leviton z-wave outlet has more icons than other zigbee plugs (screenshot in the post above)

Consistency! :thinking:

Also, does anyone know, what is that last “ear” icon for?

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Seems like when they don’t know what something is, it’s defaulting to the set of lighting icons. My Harmony (Logitech universal remote) activities get only those choices.

I like this change. Being somewhat OCD, it has annoyed me that the app displayed some of my smart switches as switches and some as light bulbs. Now they all have something that kind of represents what they control.

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I have two ZigBee Securifi Peanut Plugs. They show the set of 16 icons in your screenshot.

The ear icon is odd…

Sound sensor. I have it displaying as the icon on a glass break sensor.


Some automations with time delays are now local of you open and re-save them.


That is a great news!!

Is this saved globally or just in the app? E.g., if I change it on one phone, does the new icon show up on others? Does it persist when you uninstall the app and reinstall?

I have no idea I only have 1 Android running this version of ST

Couldn’t find a pond icon !!

Icons for contact sensors.

No Xmas light icons
No fireplace lcons
No group icons
No led string icons
Unable to change virtual device icons