Smartthings Android (update 17 Dec 2021

Yes, but on the plus side there are two aliens in a face off, a kitchen cupboard, a two drawer filing cabinet, a cheese grater, and a punched-in-the-side-of-the-head detector.

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Those are coming in the 9th rewrite of the SmartThings platform coming to your hub/device in '22 (that’s 2122). Just don’t expect it to be tested as well.


What strikes me as just mad, there is a coffee machine icon and no led string or strip icon ?? Surely there are thousands of users using smart plugs to power led string lights and strips but how many have a coffee machine that is compatible with ST ??

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Something good, just noticed I can actually read the options at the foot of the app

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Yes, saved globally. I changed some using phone and some using tablet. Both devices see all the charges.

Don’t know if it persists thru an app uninstall/reinstall.


I think that this one represents LED

I can’t see beyond this:

Klaatu barada nikto.


I haven’t received the update yet. So are there any ICON options for virtual switches, normal and Alexa?

"I’m Going To Build My Own Theme Park! With Blackjack! And Hookers!

No icons are transferred within the same app in Labs’ Universal Remote Control

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My SmartThings virtual switches and virtual dimmers allow synectic of the icons for lighting devices.

Here’s the icons sets I’ve found. Looks like it’s determined by the OCF type in the DTH/Driver:




The automation search function seems to work well! Searches titles and devices within the scenes and routines.

This update also seems to have fixed icons for Edge drivers.


@TAustin maybe OCF type need to be added to Virtual Device Creator, to accommodate new icon change to all virtual devices.

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I thought it was already accepted as a bug that the mobile apps only used OCF Device Type even when the category was available. If the icons are indeed based on the device type then that is very worrying. The mobile apps are increasingly like third party apps.

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I noticed that the icons no longer are animated for me. I changed a outlet to a humidifier and it no longer is animated like it was when I edited the DH. The same thing is true for switching a outlet to a fan. No animation.

For all 2 of you who have a printer on a smart plug (why?) this is your update.

Jokes aside, I mostly like them.

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The status information bar removed the open contact sensors tile.

I am still showing 2 open contact sensors on a tile in the status bar

Humidifier icon is animated for me, but not fan icon

Sounds like some bugs to report with this new feature :joy: