SmartThings iOS update 1.6.81 (Feb. 23, 2022)

New update for iOS has been released today


I see the device ICON’s that I set in the Android version are now showing in this iOS version, and the update’s notice advises that I can change devices ICON’s on iOS now too.


Network Connection messages, spinning circles when controlling devices, and “warm up” time for the app when first opened all still persist in this version. I haven’t spent the pointless time reordering my rooms yet. But hey, icons. Sigh.

The size of the list when browsing/selecting for devices is magnified way too large.

It only occurs under “If”, while “then” is a normal size.

:man_facepalming: I see this too now when adding devices to a Routine

There it goes again! I opened the SmartThings app on my iPad this morning and was first greeted to login again, but I closed the app, then opened it again, and it logged back in automatically, however the app was RESET back to the default color backgrounds and stuff.

I just wish that the SmartThings programmers would setup the SmartThings app to recognize night mode where all the backgrounds are just black instead of these lame color backgrounds they currently have as default since I leave my devices (iOS and Android) in night mode all the time.