SmartThings Android App Updates - Version (June '24)

Version has been relatively quietly rolling out for several days. It’s probably worth having a thread on it.

What’s different?

  • The ‘summary tiles’ have been joined by a new Hubs tile that will open up a Hub management page. That page isn’t available at the time of writing. The configuration tile seems to be activated by the health status of the hubs (i.e. online/offline) and as the tile can be switched off it seems reasonable to assume that the management page will also be featured elsewhere. Indeed it seems reasonable to assume the tile is just meant as a secondary way of getting to the page.

  • The Temperature summary tile has been displaying devices with the TempHumiditySensor category for a little while but hasn’t been able to work with them in the settings. In this update the app catches up.

  • The Devices page has replaced the prominent display of the room name which doubled as a vertical drop down of pages (not ideal) and the ability to left and right swipe pages (which admittedly could conflict with the Android ‘back’ gesture) with an ugly horizontal scrolling menu of room names in teeny tiny text with the current room highlighted in bold and underline. Arguably it is only highlighted relative to the rest of the list, as on the page as a whole it is about as prominent as the room names on the All devices page (irony). It does make you wonder quite what they were thinking. Update: I was being too generous as it is trivial to display a room without it’s name being on the page at all.

  • It is now possible to share Routines using a QR code.

  • Something about Quick Remotes and appliances. It’s mentioned in Menu > Notices with the other stuff once you’ve got the update.


The Hubs tile has vanished but is still in the settings. At the same time a link to Manage Hubs appeared in the options menu and also:

The update notice kept quiet about this:


In the control center when clicking device control they revamped the tiles somewhat therefore i was prompted to re setup where the tiles went but im unable to add my garage door or door lock anymore. Anybody else experiencing this?

The colour picker is now smaller and visible by default, but lacks hue / saturation values complicating some use cases (like creating routines)


Yep, a big -1 with this GUI change. :-1:
It was much easier to popup a list and select the Room than it is for me to swipe-and-swipe-and-swipe to get to a Room when I have so many Rooms.

And when a Room is selected, the ‘Search’ feature does an ‘All Devices’ search, and is not restricted to just the Room selected. :thinking:

Also, when did they add the ‘Wallpaper, Not Used’ feature? :+1: I’d really like them to bring that feature to the iOS app for sure.

Also, none of my Android devices can download the new Hub Device Management feature when tapping on the Hub ICON on the Status Bar.

Also, with the new Status Bar changes available on the Android app, maybe that’s why the iOS app’s Status Bar is such a mess right now.


I didn’t think the drop down list was particularly good for long lists of rooms but at least the name of the room was prominent when you finished. Now it is more awkward to use, and at the end the name of the room is tiny and you can scroll it sideways off the screen.

They have also moved the Personal Devices ‘room’ (Galaxy only for reasons I’ve never really understood) to the end of the list instead of the beginning. They should either have made it sortable with the other rooms or left it alone.


my thumb isnt long enough to scroll the “ROOM” bar.

Im glad im not the only one who thinks this UI change is awful. Seriously ruined the feel of the app…
now, its either ALL DEVICES is highlighted and i have to swipe up and down to get to the device, or i have to 2 hand my phone to swipe the bar at the top to get to the Room. why Samsung. who was complaining about being able to swipe left and right on a Room to get to the next room…


As mentioned in another thread, Manage Hubs status tile not loading, this is becoming available (:crossed_fingers:) in July…

As of now, I’m no longer able to add any devices to either of my V3 hubs. I have 70 devices on one and 78 on the other. When I click “select hub” to add new devices, only my V2 hub is available. My V3 hubs are now greyed out and the :warning:icon to the right of each hub says "This hub’s memory is full, Remove some connect devices to clear space. This is worse than the 200 device limit in previous versions. I’ve been in the process of moving devices off my original V3 hub to a new hub as there are connectivity issues. I’ve been splitting the devices between my V2 (Security devices, locks, sirens, door sensors, motion sensors, etc) and other devices like outlets, lamps, led strips and other none security related things). I have an old Note8 phone that I had previously loaded v1.8.07.23 to get around the 200 device limit, that still works, but this latest version is restricting the device count to below 100. I hadn’t run into this issue until yesterday, when my S22 must have updated. The app no longer gives a specific limit, I had to pull a new device list and filter by hub to get the active count.

This is different to the Location device limit that gets enforced by the app and is now set at 300 for my Locations, which I assume is the default. I don’t know if anyone has a number that isn’t the default. It seems to be either a fair usage sort of limit, or an attempt not to overwhelm the mobile apps.

What you are experiencing is your V3 hubs running out of memory to run the drivers. Are you actively using a lot of different Edge drivers on each hub? I believe 15 is considered a lot but I’ve never hit the limits myself. It’s not just a case of not being able to add devices. Bad things may be happening.

Unfortunately we seem to lacking in a tool to give us a useful handle on where the memory is going. It might be certain drivers are much greedier than others.

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I haven’t notices any devices issues, so far. My V3 Hubs haven’t updated to the latest firmware, yet. My V2 hub is up to date. In the advanced UI it has my hub memory listed as soft limit. I ran about 275 devices on my original V3 hub, which I’m slowly migrating away from. Today is the first I’ve ever is this new message in the app. Before I would get a message about having more than 200 devices, but I was already way over that with 275. I’m going to say this is the new location limit as it will not let me add more. I’ve also been trying to pair down the number of different devices doing the same job. For instance I have some Ring contact sensors, a few Aeotec, some Zooz and a Centralite. I’m going to just settle on one or two brands to get my driver count down, but I’m still at 275 devices for my location, just spread across 3 hubs right now, not just on one. I’ll just keep adding devices with my old phone with the older app to get around the issue. I’ve already added three today that I migrated between my two V3 hubs despite the message in the new app.

From all of your 275 devices, what’s your favorite?

My everyday device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5… 8" screen…

This update also seems to fix the presence detection bug for me. Now when I reboot my phone (Pixel 7) the presence updates normally. I now do not have to go into settings after a reboot and turn the location setting off and on (and therefore do not have to redo any of my routines based on phone locations).

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I don’t know if I have one “favorite” device. I do like crawling into bed, telling Google goodnight and having that trigger ST’s to start shutting down the house. Blinds and shades close, lights turn off, the security system arms and everything just gets quiet and I can fall asleep knowing that everything is locked and closed and turned off. And right before I fall asleep, a voice from my bedside display says “Did you forget to start the dishwasher?”


I’m fine with the action. It is having the icons across the bottom of the screen instead of at the top that frustates me.

It seems rather inconsistent UI design. If the icons are at the bottom shouldn’t the room nav also be there?


Same here. I’m using an NFC tag though because saying “good night” would wake up my wife. I love the sound of the relays and the motors of the cameras.

FYI, here’s the official press release for this app update. The new Hub Manager section seems useful when it starts working…


Through the new Device Control feature, Galaxy users can experience easier access, navigation and control of their smart home devices without interrupting their lives. Device cards are bigger to show you more controls for home devices, and users can select devices to create their own home control page. Once users finish creating their own home control page then users will have greater ability to control the smart home device, including adjusting TV volume or light brightness. On phones and tablets, Device Control can be used right through the quick panel, similarly to how users access controls for Bluetooth, WiFi, airplane mode, etc.

Like this?


Hot mess express again.

  • Introduce a Home Status tile that doesnt work yet (Hubs)
  • broke honeywell home linked services
  • UI change i am pretty sure no one wanted, nor did they likely perform any level of UX study with actual users on.

I am still able to use Google Home to manage my thermos via the linked honeywell services, so i blame ST…

Not sure that is related to the android update. There is another user on iOS reporting the same issue. Report it to both ST and Honeywell support.