No Hue and Saturation anymore in SmartThings app?

I was going to apply a specific colour from a palette I saw online and then I realized I no longer can because Hue and Saturation values are no longer displayed in the app. It’s also not possible to know the values of the current colour, unless you check the history or the advanced website.

Tried to “extend” the small area and bring back the old colour selector but looks like there’s no such option.

For reference, this is the old one, which is still available in groups and routines, but I fear it could follow the same fate and that would be quite unfortunate.


Brand’model of lights and how are they connected? If directly connected to a hub, which Edge driver? My Philips hue lights connected by Matter show both Hue and Saturation.

iOS or Android?

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They’re all Matter lights, Nanoleaf, WiZ… They recently changed the presentation of the detail view and the old square selector with hue saturation no longer exists.

It’s the Android app by the way.

App version?

One of my Nanoleaf bulbs in

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That screenshot is indeed the older colour picker. The new one has nice visual details but miss the values.