SmartThings Android App Updates - Version (Mar ‘24)

The app update is rolling out.

I had to reboot my phone to make the app do anything after the update (like even try to start) and it ran like a dog when it did. Once it sorted itself out it was OK but it still seems a bit sluggish when you first open it.

The app now has the current white on blue SmartThings logo with the mesh all connected, instead of the previous blue on white/transparent one with a broken mesh on it. Unfortunately the logo just looks blurred in small sizes like it is at the top left of my phone at the moment and indeed on my phone’s home screen. The shade of blue is pretty nasty too.

I understand map view might be around in more regions but my phone is far too low spec for that.

There seems to be a bug on the hub details page as I keep seeing a truncated Connected Devices panel showing about one and a half lines of icons.

I’ve not explored much further but there is an app update notice noting:

  • the logo change.
  • the blue u-turn badge that appears when a device is updating, or can be updated.
  • enhanced functionality in the location summary.
  • more quick remote controls.
  • Samsung Store purchase updates.

UPDATE: At this point I previously suggested there was a notice for the watch app. There isn’t.

There is also a notice for the TV app. I only skimmed this because it seems to have increasing amounts of functionality I’d never want on a TV. There is already a riot when a pop up screen appears when someone is watching tele so why on earth would I want SmartThings on it?


The summary lighting settings screen is a right mess in dark mode. You can’t work out what is a heading and what is a tile.

I find the concept of a summary dimmer level and colour rather odd and the ability to set the level and colour from one place seems unwise.

The Linked Services summary page and the detail pages have been tweaked a bit in order to try and better convey the flow of device status information. The use of a simple arrow on the summary page e.g. ‘SmartThings → ActionTiles’ doesn’t quite work for me as it could just as easily be the other way around and mean control. Worth a try though.

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Hidden away in the Advanced Features is a Keep screen on while using this app setting. That is all the info there is. Nothing about what ‘using’ means in practice.

It has the red ‘Labs’ badge. I still don’t get why they have this logo scattered around the app and yet also have a ‘Labs’ section that seems completely disconnected.

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Would you mind sharing what the watch update is about? Haven’t found anything about it, and on my Galaxy Watch4 there’s no update available yet

That was my error. The notice that caught my eye was actually from October last year. Sorry about that.

Speaking of last year, the thread title needs updating :slight_smile:

This could make sense if it was tied to a lighting group, rather than across the board…haven’t played with it yet, just my reaction from reading that.

This would be helpful while running a Z-wave repair, but that’s about the only time I can think of unless you were using it on a wall-mounted tablet (and then there are prettier dashboards that I think most people would prefer).

“Ah, just waiting to see who’d be the first one to spot that.”


Lost the ability to see signal metrics with new app update.

6 .months since the last update, it took that long to make the app slower and more broken… :roll_eyes: there was i hoping there was going to be improvements

Hi @nayelyz @AlejandroPadilla

The latest version of the App solved some things, such as that the numeric type capabilities are already shown in the details view with decimals

but now it does not distinguish between the capabilities that have an integer and numeric type defined in the capability.
Now they are all displayed with a decimal.

Also, the text type capabilities have stopped displaying text in HTML format, which was the only known way to display text in more than two lines and with different font sizes in the App capabilities.

It doesn’t make much sense that text-type capablities can be created with no character limit and then they can’t be displayed in the details view of the App.

Is there a way to make the capability size expand to show the full text of the event and give it some formatting?

Will they reactivate the HTML text in the App capabilities?


Just to add a data point, this still functions as before in the latest iOS app released this week.


Let me check this situation with the team :saluting_face:

The team has removed this for security reasons, inserting HTML in this way was not planned and it doesn’t have support, the content limit is 2 lines, regardless of the length of the string. I agree with you that this could be confusing.

As far as I know, it isn’t possible. I have encountered a similar case before, but I am currently exploring other options (I do not promise that I will find it sorry).

Thanks for the reply Alejandro

I find it regrettable that they remove a procedure to display useful information for the user without offering an alternative and as always without prior notice.

If the html text format expands the size of the capability, how can it not be possible to expand it to show another text format? It doesn’t make any sense.

Sorry, I think it does make sense, they do not have the slightest consideration for their users and for the people who spend hours and hours making the smartthings platform a little more useful and attractive.



This issue fixed in the new app version

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OK, but if HTML is not intended to be supported that should be decreed by the API. Otherwise the mobile app developers are making up the rules. The tail is wagging the dog.

That’s two lines in the mobile apps. Nothing prevents third party client apps being able to handle more lines.


This version broke the quick notification panel. Previously all doors, windows and locks where listed together. In this version Samsung split out the locks to its own quick panel and doors and windows into a separate quick panel however 75% of my doors and windows are no longer listed on either panel. There doesn’t seem to be a reason why some are showing and others are not as I have a mixture of Z-Wave and zigbee door and window sensors from different manufacturers and some of them show and some do not show (Even from the same vendor using the same driver). The quick notification panels are a fast and simple way to know which doors, locks and windows are open in your house and now that feature is broken because the system is not displaying all of the sensors. I can still go to the individual room for each device and see whether they are open or closed but not in the quick panel. I know the issue is with this app version because I have an older phone that is still running the previous version of this app and everything still works fine in that version I will have roll back all of my Smart home panels to until this feature is fixed as this is a very important function to easily monitor my smart home entry point statuses.

I am aware of two versions of the summary tiles.

In version 1 there was:


  • main/contact/contactSensor for
  • main/contact/contactSensor for
  • main/door/doorControl for oic.d.garagedoor
  • main/lock/lock for oic.d.smartlock

In version 2 there is:


  • main/door/doorControl for category GarageDoor
  • main/lock/lock for category SmartLock


  • main/contact/contactSensor for category MultiFunctionalSensor
  • main/contact/contactSensor for category ContactSensor

So apart from switching to two tiles, the significant change is that the OCF device type has been changed for the Category, which is the preferred way of categorising devices in SmartThings and has been for some time.

The curious thing is that, at least as far as the ‘static’ tiles are concerned (those are the ones that appear all the time, not just when there is something to report), version 2 has been in use for a long time now. It was version 2 that introduced the ranges of humidity, for example, and tiles in rooms. So it is surprising that it would be different for the ‘dynamic’ tiles.

Update: Just to be clear, there isn’t any question that the dynamic tiles exhibit v1 behaviour on and v2 on It is purely an observation that the static tiles had already changed over quite some time ago.

Well I can say with certainty some change in the current app version has broken the tiles. There is a clear change from the previous version, which I am now running that aggregates all the open\close states for Locks, Doors and Windows under a single tile. The new app version splits them out to Locks in one tile and Doors and Windows in another and this is what is broken. In my family room I have four windows with GoControl sensors none of those windows register in the tile but in the ST room they all show the correct status. In my living room I have two windows 1 is a GoControl sensor the other is ThirdReality Zigbee Sensor (I’m replacing failed sensors with these) yet both windows show in the tile.

The same nonsense is throughout the house. Most rooms have windows using GoControl sensors and they are not being registered in the tile, but some of them are. I also have Quirky sensors on all the doors which no longer show in the tile but still work correctly in the room. As you can tell I moved from Wink several years back and have been happily reusing all of my sensors.

For now I am running app version on all my smart wall panels and am leaving the defective version on one panel to monitor if SmartThings fixes this mess.

Have you changed the icons on the devices that aren’t appearing in the tiles? When you change the icons you may also be adding a user category to the device. For example I have a device where I have changed the icon from a contact sensor to a door and in the API it now shows …

      - name: ContactSensor
        categoryType: manufacturer
      - name: Door
        categoryType: user

This device is NOT appearing in the summary tiles. If I change it back to the default icon it changes to:

      - name: ContactSensor
        categoryType: manufacturer
      - name: ContactSensor
        categoryType: user

It now appears in the tile.

I have a feeling that I noticed this some time ago but had forgotten about it. It appears that the user category takes priority over the manufacturer category when checking eligibility for the summary tiles. However the summary tiles haven’t been configured to accept the extra categories you can get when you change the icon. They don’t, for example, check the contactSensor on a Door.

**UPDATE: Thanks to @Snapperheadjoe for taking the obvious next step and changing back to a door icon again. It turns out that if you changed the icon an unspecified time ago the above is exactly what would have happened. However if you do it now the user category is set to contactSensor (or possibly not set at all if not already set - I haven’t checked that) and only the icon is changed. So the problem can be fixed by simply changing the icon to something else and then back again.