Manage Hubs status tile not loading


The Android app is now showing a new ‘Hub’ status tile on the home page:

However on selecting it a download dialogue appears but proceeds to fail with:

Hub is on 52.21 and app is on and I am in UK…

Tried the usual reboots with no joy, any ideas anyone?

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Saw this on mine this morning for one hub, now 12 hours later, it shows 2 hubs.

Thought it might have something to do with a firmware update thats about to happen.

I knew a hubs tile was coming because it appeared in the summary tile configuration file a while ago. As it only checks the online status of the hubs I suspected there would be more to the story.

It will be used to access a hub management tool that isn’t available until July. I know that because I managed to find a device that has had the app update and there is a notice about it.

As an aside it also flags the incredibly ugly but arguably more practical room selection dooberry and introduces sharing of Routines.


The status tiles are broken again:

Thanks @orangebucket , suspected it would be something along those lines :+1:

So, the GUI ICON arrived before the feature did. Confusing, but Early July starts tomorrow.

Indeed it has and as if by magic the hub management tool has appeared Hubs tile has disappeared.

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Yep, ICON is gone even though Hubs is selected in the Show Home Status, but I see a menu option on the Favorites page menu for ‘Manage Hubs’ which downloaded and came up.

So it has. It’s a shame that hub groups can’t be made from V2 hubs.


It is innit’, guessing it is lack of suitable WiFi maybe?

I guess Matter provided the impetus for hub groups but I was rather hoping groups of V2 hubs would come for free. I just like the idea of being able to use a spare V2 as a high capacity Zigbee repeater. There are occasions when I prefer to turn off significant numbers of mains powered devices and in my property the range of Zigbee is already pretty low.

Of course if they are holding back because they want to repurpose them as Matter bridges that’s fine. I suspect it is also unlikely.