SmartThings Advanced Web App does not work in Safari on iOS

Over the past few weeks, I can no longer use Safari on my iPad to use the advanced SmartThings Web App: Samsung account

Anyone else also have this issue? Below is a screenshot of what I get after I input my Samsung login pw:

I have to use Chrome on my iPad, but would rather use Safari. Thanks.

Using any ad blocking extensions?


Oh yes … and didn’t think of that. Hmm… okay. I’ll have to look at whitelisting the site somehow with the extensions I’m using. Thanks for the tip.

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Had this yesterday on Chrome (PC) having left time between user and password entry. Could not immediately remove in normal view but no problem using an incognito window.

Guess something cached locally due to time lag between credential entry…

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I figured out how to do this on iPad in case it helps someone:

-When on the login page, click the ‘Aa’ in top left of URL bar in Safari
-select ‘Website Settings’
-turn OFF ‘Use Content Blockers’

I can now successfully use Safari again for the SmartThings Web App:

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