Smartthings Web Beta

I’m trying to repurpose an old iPad 3 (running iOS 9.3.6) as a smart home controller using just the web browser. I don’t want to pay for ActionTiles and the new SmartThings iPad app is not compatible (requires iOS 12).

I’m able to login with my Samsung account on on the device, but all I get is the blue/pink background image. There are no tiles or UI displayed at all. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome with the same results.

I can login and control my home from the web via desktop, but not on the iPad. Does anyone know why? Are the older browsers not supported?

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Honestly, I’m not surprised if old browsers don’t work well. We’ve targeted it at primarily recent browsers with additional support for Edge 18 (to support the Windows client). That said, I’ll take a look at the reported errors and see if there is something we can fix easily.


Brian - That would be would be wonderful if it was an easy fix!

The Chrome version is 63.0.3239.73.

Let me know if you need further information from me!

@Dianoga Any word on using older browsers for this?

I actually ran the my.smartthings on a 43"inch samy TV and bookmarked it for easy access the other day

As a proof of concept it works and scales well, the UI design needs a complete change to something more noticeable for device states just like the phone app but that said, it could be useful and worked as expected

Have you tried using the Home Remote app on your older Ipad, no idea if it’s available for your device but if so it is definitely a useable app that connects into the ST back end and will display your devices much better than the current ST app, it also rotates so if needed you can use your ipad sideways if fixed to a wall

Nothing to report yet. I looked for that Chrome version in my error tracking tool but couldn’t find it.

Are you by chance blocking requests to If so, can you disable the block and try it again? TrackJS is used purely for logging frontend errors and not any of the big data tracking. It’s commonly included in the tracker blocking lists though.