Smartlighting and Hue bug?

I am trying to puzzle this out as I’m not a Hue owner but my son is.
Gave him ST for Xmas and all he has is hue lights. I set up a couple of motion sensors in the staircase and entrance hall. There are 3 lights in each fixture.
I have removed all automations/Smartligthing, deleted and reassociated the Hue hub, re-added the lights but…
I set up Smartlighting to see motion on either sensor and turn on both sets of fixtures (6 bulbs) for 3 minutes; some of them come on and some go off and then maybe a few come back on? 3 minutes later most go off but not all.
I removed the hall motion and lights from the SL rule. Now when the staircase motion is triggered the staircase lights come on and the entrance as well! We covered the entrance motion sensor so there is definely no trigger.
In the IDE nothing looks suspicious, no duplicate ID’s, no app’s installed except SL.
I am wondering if there could be some routine or automation that didn’t get removed from before the reset at the ST database end but isn’t reflected in the new app or IDE?
My own hub has 120 devices and 60+ pistons and I have never seen this is over 5 years of playing with ST.

Brand and model of the motion sensors?

As far as I know, the only thing that can hang around are smart home monitor automations from the classic app. If you don’t delete those from the classic app prior to removing either smart home monitor or the classic app itself, then they will continue to run in the cloud. Forever.

I did check the classic app and there is nothing present. When I set him up I only used the new app as that’s all I wanted to confuse him with :wink:
Motion sensors are Xiaomi. He has no repeaters so I felt secure letting him used those as they can talk to the hub. The hub path confirms they are chatting direct.
It’s just strange that one sensor is talking to 6 lights but only programmed to talk to 3.
Hopefully some clue will arise. I don’t want to reset his whole account as he has 6 more Hue lights (working fine), automations, Arlo, Z-Wave locks, stove etc.
Dont want to worry about Son AF, WAF is bad enough :slight_smile:

The sensor isn’t talking to the lights. The sensor is talking to the hub, and the hub is talking to the lights.

Can you show us a screenshot of the automation you have set up?

Also, have you checked to make sure that the second sensor isn’t being triggered? It’s not uncommon for a light coming on in one room to trigger a motion sensor in another room if the Spillover light falls on it. I had a friend who had this issue in his upstairs hallway. When he came out of the master bath into the master bedroom, the motion sensor in the master bedroom would turn on that light. Some of that light would spill over into the hallway and in turn trigger a motion sensor in the hallway. And then that motion sensor would trigger the hallway lights to come on.

So he thought the master bedroom sensor was triggering the hallway lights but it wasn’t. It was doing exactly what it was supposed to: triggering the master bedroom lights. It was the lights that were triggering the hallway sensor, that was in doing what it was supposed to, which was turn on the hallway lights.

I’m not saying that’s what’s happening in your son’s case, I’m just saying it is something that can happen. It’s pretty easy to test, of course, just by turning lights on or by blocking off the other sensors.

But anyway, let’s start at the beginning: what do the automations look like?

(Also, originally you said that your son only had hue lights, but obviously he also had sensors. Are there any other devices on the account?)

Yes I know the sensor is routing through the Hue hub first. They all seem registerd in the IDE and the events make sense.
I have deleted the automation already. I am going to find out from my son when he gets home from work it the lights are doing anything with NO automation/scenes/SmartLighting. If they are, Houston…
If not I’ll add a simple one motion, one room rule and post it.
I covered the other motion sensor while we were testing as my frist thought was one was catching motion from 2 locations, sadly not the case.
He only had Hue lights and was using the Hue app and one Hue wall Tap switch to control the lights before I ST’ed him. :slight_smile:
I don’t think this has any bearing on the situation but I have him as a second location so I can see all of his devices in my account and app.

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Not possible. Did you mean routing through the smartthings hub?

Sorry, stupid mind tranposition. Meant the lights route through Hue on the wayt to ST.
Son just got hone and confirms all the weirdness has stopped and manual control is actiing as it should.
I told him to put back just the staircase motion and one light; we’ll see what transpires.

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