Open/Close with Hue - lights on if off and off if on

I got ST for Christmas (returned Wink Relay this week) and am trying to get Hue lights in a particular room to turn on when the door is opened and turn off once the door is opened again. The door to the room is typically closed immediately after entry, so setting the lights to off on close defeats my goal. A delayed off leaves the occupant in the dark or wastes energy lighting an unoccupied room.

I scanned the forums all day before posting this, but please forgive me if it has been covered previously.

What kind of sensor are you using on the door? Contact, multi on the door or motion in the room?

For me only such situation is my basement which luckily has a multi on the door and a motion sensor in the basement. Opening the door turns on the light. The motion sensor takes over thereafter where by it turns the light off if it does not detect a motion after 5 minutes.

It sure can be done in a much simpler way but I need them both in my basement and so making use of the combination.

And of course you can have a SmartApp.

Basement here too. I have the ST open/close sensor, and I also tried the motion sensor setup you’re using. The trouble I found with that is ST not getting the six hue lights in the basement to cut on or off consistently.

When I use the open/close sensor for two lights and the motion for the other four they’re lit accurately nearly 100%. Try to manage all six, and it’s hit or miss what I’m going to get. No idea why. Alas, splitting them amongst the sensors leaves me with my original problem.

Sorry to be the bad bearer of news, hues integration with ST is still in the labs and not all hues turn on or off on a bad day with any action even though they are polled every few minutes. If you are tech savvy writee your own app to handle it. Any other hue related app on iOS platform.handles the correct state each and every time. This is one of most requested coming out of labs request to ST but we get ruled out it seems by some who think that they can launch satellites thru this platform! Just kidding! They are part of us too… Don’t give up hope. We all help each other at whatever level we can. And that’s the beauty of ST.

I try doing it with 13 hues and its family.

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