Questions on Migrating to the New App

Hi All. Being stuck at home has me looking to migrate to the new app (I haven’t seen the banner yet telling me it’s time). I’ve created a few Automations starting with the simple ones like turning on the Landscape Lights at sunset and off again at a set time. I have a more complex routine that turns on the master bath light to a certain color and intensity at bedtime and then in the morning, I have another routine turn on the same light at 100% and set the color to white. Unfortunately there’s no way to “test” the routine that I can find, correct? In the Classic app I just had to tap the routine and it would run.

Also, it is possible to automate home monitor when everyone leaves the house using a virtual switch, correct?

Finally, are most of you using the same Modes (now Location mode) as before? I have Away-Day, Away-Night, Home-Day, Home-Night, Asleep, Vacation and Party.


If you create the lighting settings as a Scene, you can run the scene to test it. You then use an Automation to trigger the Scene.

Yes it is possible to change STHM state with a virtual device. This is done as an Automation.

Yep, still using the same modes.

This might also be of interest. Be sure to read the posts in the thread about deleting automations from the classic app before you change over completely. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Thanks guys. I never used scenes in the classic app so I’ll look into this again. I need to make sure the automations run correctly to keep the wife happy.

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So I’ve recreated most of my simple routines as automations in the new app. The routines that change modes are still running in the classic app. As I was afraid, one of the new automations did not run last night and I suspect it was because the new app didn’t know that the mode had changed. I just manually changed the mode in the old app and it did not change in the new so I’m pretty sure this is what happened. I’ll move the rest of the routines over to the new app today and use the weekend to troubleshoot.

If you are talking about SHM modes, then yes, they will not change between apps. They are completely separate between the 2 apps. You need to use one or the other. Location modes, however, will sync between the 2 apps.

Actually I was referring to the Modes which are now Location modes in the new app (not the home monitor modes). Regardless I’m currently moving all the automations to the new app so this shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

However, I just ran into another problem with the virtual switch I created long ago in the old app as part of my Goodnight routine (to turn home monitor to Armed stay). It shows up in the new app on the main page but not as a “Device” that I can select when creating the new automation. I found in another post that Momentary buttons do not work in the new app. So should I use a Virtual Switch or a Simulated Switch now?

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Found that Virtual Switches run locally so will go with that. Now I have another issue! I don’t have the option to choose between Any or All conditions when multiple conditions are added… they all default to All conditions must be met. I see screen shots in other posts were these options are available… What am I missing?

This sucks. So the new app on my son’s iPhone 8 DOES allow me to choose between Any and All conditions. Deleted the app on my iPhone X, reinstalled and it still doesn’t give the me option. I guess I should have waited more time before switching over.

That does sucks… I would definitely raise that up with support!

Going from bad to worse. The lights set to turn off automatically are not. I deleted all my old routines thinking I was making a move for the better. I guess the lesson is, don’t migrate until you’re told. WTF.

Can you post a screenshot of the automation? And also have you looked in the history section to see if anything tried to execute?

Super basic. Happens on all the automations that are set to turn off automatically: Garage lights, night light, morning light, cellar lights… Nothing in history indicating they were turned off either. BTW, how do I turn the history from the 24 hour to the 12 hour clock?

Tried re-booting the hub but auto off still not working. Only thing I can think of is that I have the v2 hub? Will have to create new automations tomorrow that turn everything off (I need these to work consistently).

Create automations like that in the Smart Lighting SmartApp. I think you’ll get what you are trying to achieve. Added bonus will be that if it’s eligible to run locally, it will with Smart Lighting.

Thanks again for the suggestion. I’ll probably have to go that route. I did start a ticket and the response was to delete and re-create the automation. Tried it and it’s still not working (also tried deleting one of the conditions thinking if one of the sensors didn’t activate that it might not allow the light to shut off).

All morning I’m getting push notifications that my Good Morning! routine keeps firing. I forgot to set it to “just once” but even after the change, it still firing!? I’m taking a break today to see if any of this auto-corrects.

Just an update here as I’m not getting far fast with support. The app on my iPhone X is still not letting me choose between Any or All (there’s no other option but All). When trying to make edits to an existing automation, often I get a network error and the edits will not save. I’m also trying to make edits with my son’s iPhone 8 where I CAN select Any or All, however, it also has issues saving the edits (it seems to hang up more on the automations controlling 10+ devices).

Support responded this morning saying that my Closet Light automation (the screen shot above) was currently set to And, which it is not, and suggested I try to set it to turn off after a certain amount of time, which it is. So now I’m wondering if my edits are actually being saved, even when I don’t get the network error.

Does anyone think I should try the latest hub or have any other ideas?

Here’s another thing… I’m still getting accustomed to the new app and, according to what I read, the icons that are grayed out are inactive. So why do I see the icons for the same devices both active and inactive at the same time??

I’m going to assume that the different shading is simply to show that the end result is the light going on/off, so grayed out in the case of off.

The icons in your example don’t represent the current state of the devices, they represent the state of the device of interest to the condition or action. So if you turn a light on when a contact is open and/or a motion sensor is detecting motion, those are all considered as active states. If you turn a light off when a contact is closed and/or a motion sensor is not detecting motion, those are all considered as inactive states.