Problem With Motion Sensor/Hue Bulb

Hi Everyone,

I am currently having trouble with a Smarthings Motion Sensor in my hallway which I have set to trigger my Philips Hue bulb in the hall. Up until recent it’s not been an issue but of late it’s coming on and going off multiple times without anyone passing by it. The hallway does have a bit of traffic some times but at the moment if I walk past the sensor the light comes on and then when no motion is sensed it turns off but then right away comes back on with nothing there. This is followed by on off on off on off much like a disco which is extremely annoying. I tried taking the battery out giving if a few minutes and popping it back in which was no joy then I deleted the sensor from Smartthings and re-added it but no change. I then removed the automation I had set and still no joy.

I have the automation set so when the sensor see’s motion the light comes on but as soon as no motion is sensed anymore it goes back of so the light only comes on long enough to see where your going with tripping over anything in the dark. As mentioned up until recent it’s been great and no trouble at all working all year round. I have a second sensor in my bathroom which is set to trigger a Hue bulb and stay on for 5 minutes after motion stops and this one is working fine still so I am very much at a loss as to what to do?


I’ve now tried it in a different room and to trigger a different bulb but it’s still happening. I checked back at the ‘recently’ bit of the app and it’s just constant time stamps of triggered motion which isn’t really happening. It very much seems it’s become fault of I have a very very active spider living in it… these time stamps are just constant going back all day without a break.

Luckily I brought this in September last year from Currys so Smartthings should hopefully replace it but what do we do when it’s out of the 12 months?