Smartthings Motion Sensor and Philips Hue Issue

Hi, is anyone else having issues with the Smartthings Motion Sensor not triggering the Philips Hue lights? I have sensors around my house to turn lights on and off when I go in a room or leave but today those seem to have randomly stopped working.

I’ve restarted my router and then rebooted both my Smartthings Hub and Hue Bridge but that didn’t fix it. The Hue lights can still be switched on and off via the Smartthings app or Hue app so they are communicating still.

I also checked the Smartthings app to see the motion is being detected which it is so I’m a bit at a loss as to why it’s happening?

what smart app are you using to trigger this?

Hi, I just use the Smartthings app and have a light automation set up to trigger the hue light when motion is detected. I’ve now deleted the set ups I had for these before and done them again and now they are working again do not sure why all motion triggers seem to have corrupted some how.

right, but which app inside smartthings? Smart Lighting? Routines? Core? Webcore?

I have the same issue, it must be something in the cloud (wish these were executed locally!)

I’m finding it’s sporadic, some automations with hue lights with Zwave Motion sensors are working/some aren’t, some automations with hue lights and Zigbee motion sensors are working/some aren’t, some Zwave door window sensors are not triggering lights.

Minor annoyance, but will wait and see whether it gets fixed overnight. SmartThings support emails are being answered in 4-5 days at the moment, so will wait.

They should be if using Smart Lighting. both Hue and ST motion sensors run locally.

I’m still and newbie with this stuff so very limited on knowledge but I thought they should locally done via z-wave or zigbee but it seems something corrupted along the way and I have no idea who’s side it’s on Smartthings or Hue

I’m using ST sensors and Smartlighting. Recently noticed the Smartlighting automation not working. All I did to get it working was to open the particular automation in Smartlighting and click save. Lights now responding to motion. Not ideal but easy to fix.


Fixed it for me - thanks!

I will have to remember this if it happens again as I deleted the automations then set them up again which really is a pain.