Smarthings Hub in EU (outside UK)

Can I use Smarthings Hub (UK version) in Poland?
I’ve read comments on the bottom of Amazon product page.
Someone said that this Hub (or mobile app) doesn’t work in other countries.

Check the comments section:

Is this true?
Maybe mobile app detects location and device will be useless?

Is there someone that is using Smartthings hub ouside US, UK, Irland and Canada do confirm it?


I am using US Hub in Europe (NL), location works perfectly. Be aware that Z-Wave devices are region specific. You cannot use EU based Zwave with US based Hub, you have to get them from the US. Zigbee is OK.

Could you explain me why mobile Smartthings app ask about location (you have to choose between US, UK, Irland, Canada and you dont have an option to enter for example NL)?

No problems at all here. Based in Sweden, buying from the U.K.

As long as you don’t buy any wall plugs :wink:


About wall plugs I will try use these:
They require faze and neutral cables. I hope they will work with smartthings hub…

That’s for hub activation purpose only.

Btw, I’m using UK hub in Asia

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Aaa ok so when I buy UK Smarthings Hub I have to choose UK for the first time when device is activating… and that’s all :slight_smile: Thank you for info!

It is activation only, it will determine where your apps are going to run, US based or UK based cloud. Does not really make a difference, mine is running in the US, as UK was non-existing at that time.

i’m using an UK hub v2 in Romania since feb and have no issue.

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Hi. Does UK smart outlets work in Romania ?
If they do, do you use two UK-EU EU-UK adapters?


Nu folosesc smart outlet de UK. Am un fibaro care e EU.


Poti sa-mi spui un model la Fibaro ala?
Aștept sa-mi vina starter kitul săptămâna viitoare.

I am using the type E but you should order the F one.
You can buy it also in romania.


I am using Smart hub UK in Danmark, and using Fibaro and others Eu Z-wave.
ITune app only thing using Am - Pm in the log insted of 24h time.

Hi Slawek,

I’m using US Smartthings hub in Poland and all works great with US purchased devices - UK devices use apparently different frequency and would not work with US version.

Were you successful in finding european (Polish) plugs to use with the Smarthings hub? Do you have UK or US version?

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Hi Mario,

What do you use to power it, travel adapter?

regards Johan

Can I add a word of caution to this thread.
The US Z-Wave frequency is illegal in the EU.
It uses a stronger signal strength and can cause interference.
Just letting you know so you can make an informed decision.
Have fun…

Just any UK to Swedish standard converter (230 VC / F)

Ok thanks, ordered a hub and adapter an hour ago. :slight_smile:

I live in Dubai and got Samrtthings hub working without any probelm. However, I got the new Samsung Connect Hub that inlcude MSartthings hub beside WIFI Hub and this does not work. After calling the support they refused to support me as this is only for US, Canada and UK market.

My problem as always that this is not mentioned when you buy it from Amazon or even from Samsung site. I really start to question if I should continue buying from Samsung as their support sucks big time. After talking to 4 different teams they could not help me with this issue.

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