Samsung Smartthings in Romania?


Is someone here that use Smartthing hub uk version in Romania?Does it work?
Also i want to know if Fibaro flood sensors works well with smartthings, without errors.

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The hub should work in any country as long as you have an internet connection, and appropriate voltage/plug adapter to power it.

Also FYI, z-wave radios work on different frequencies that vary by region. The U.K. hub’s z-wave controller runs on the frequency approved in the EU.

You probably won’t get any technical support or warranty coverage outside of the US and UK though, if you have any problems with your hub or connected devices.


I’m Romanian, but I’ll reply to you in English. There’s no reason the hub won’t work in Romania, or anywhere in the world. As long as you provide with the volts and amps it needs, it’ll work fine. You can even get a US version hub. Zwave and Zigbee are pretty low power radios, so even if the US hub isn’t “approved” to work there, it doesn’t really matter. You won’t be bothering anybody else with it. It’s too low power to matter.

But to keep it short, as long as you find a way to power it properly, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work. Bafta and enjoy!


Salut! I can confirm that it works fine in Romania. I got mine from the UK 2 weeks ago.

At the moment i only have what was included in the Starter Kit and some Hue lights, but its been working fine so far. For power i just use a UK to EU adapter without problems.

If i can help by answering any questions, let me know.



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Is there any place where I can buy/order the Samsung SmartThings Hub in Ro ? thank you

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SmartThings is available for retail sale in North America and the UK. People use it in plenty of other countries, presumably by ordering it online.

There is an online retailer, however it is not official and their prices are significantly higher than official Smartthings prices

that’s the reason why i will not order from that website…all the products are overpriced

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Looks like they’re selling it for about double the price in the US.

How much would it cost you to buy from an online retailer in US or UK, if you add in shipping, customs duties, etc?

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No customs duties if it is from UK. It is EU…still:)

Pentru cei care vor sa fie notificati in Romaneste, noul TTS are capabilitatea de a vorbi cu accent romanesc. Instaleaza remindR si selecteaza Carmen. @ady624 adauga in webCoRE, Polly e tare!

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Văd că nu a mai comentat nimeni de mult pe aici. Poate am noroc. Mi-am cumpărat un HUB Smartthings model 3. Nu am foarte multe dar nu-mi vede nimic. Am niște becuri Hue cu HUB cu tot și de la Fibaro am niște prize.
Ce să-i fac? Trebuie să-mi fac cont Samsung de UK?
De acolo l-am achizitionat.


Salut Dan,

Schimba regiunea pe UK a contului, din cate am inteles asta ar fi problema si teoretic o sa functioneze.
Eu mi-am comandat din US, maine trebuie sa soseasca, problema cu cel din US, din cate am inteles este ca nu ar functiona indiferent daca am regiunea pe US, astept sa ajunga sa ma conving, sper sa nu fi aruncat banii pe fereastra…

Merci de răspuns dar deja l-am trimis înapoi. L-am butonat vreo câteva zile și nu i-am dat de cap.
Am să mă mulțumesc cu un Raspeberry Pi cu Openhab.
Oricum merci .

Pentru cei interesati, revin cu feedback legat de hub-ul V3, tocmai l-am primit ieri din US, am incercat cu un cont de US si s-a conectat fara probleme, la fel si device-urile, s-au conectat fara probleme la hub.

Got it, feedback >> hub v3 >> device >> connect… The question is, what was the result…Did it work? lol

oh, sorry :slight_smile:
Here is the all picture in English this time - I just received my SmartThingsV3 Hub purchased from US and I can confirm that if you have the account on US, the hub will work and the devices will connect to it.
I did not tried to see if I will set the account on my region, the device will work, but for me is ok, I don’t mind if I have the US region set on the account.
Also, take into consideration that all the sensors were also purchased from the US but I guess that this is not a problem.

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Salutare! Am si eu de gand sa-mi cumpar un HUB SmartThings. Ati putea impartasi ce ati mai conectat la el, ce marci de dispozitive compatibile recomandati, Alexa sau Google, daca v-a facut ceva probleme pe parcurs?

Am de gand sa cumpar de pe, am vazut ca versiunea US merge in tara dar totusi un sfat va rog. E bun ce am de gand sa comand?

Salutare. Am achzitionat un Starter kit V2 de pe amazon uk. Hub-ul este versiunea STH ETH 200. Din ce am citit acesta este cel de US. Am incercat cu vpn si cont nou creat pe UK si nu a mers. La cautare nu apare hub-ul insa pot sa il adaug manual. Dar daca vreau sa ii activez update-ul zice ca e offline desi in partea de sus apare Conectat. Senzorii nu apar la cautare si nu merg adaugati nici manual. O sa incerc sa fac un cont si cu Vpn pe USA. Cum ati reusit sa le faceti sa mearga? Nu am gasit un ghid detaliat. Regiunea se pare ca nu merge schimbata ulterior la contul Samsung. Am sters contul de UK si am creat altul cu vpn de USA pe acceasi adresa de mail si tot UK apare. In ultima instanta am incercat sa il returnez, cei de la Amazon au acceptat insa costa cel putin 30 euro transporul cu UPS. Exista alternative mai ok?