Smarthings Hub in EU (outside UK)

Hi Slawek. You already know this but others may be interested. Yes, SmartThings Hub works very well in Poland.

Thanks, that explains why my Fibaro Wall Plug is not connecting here in the NL

Was an early user, so US region only at that time, connected all EU based z-wave to RPi with Domoticz and wrote an app in SmartThings that integrates all these “weird” devices…

Did anyone manage to register an EU Hub v3 bought in the UK with an US account? For me the registration process always fails when I want to connect this Hub.
With a German account there is no issue. The Hub can be connected.

Any hints?

The newer hubs can only be registered through the new app, and the new app is region – locked. Which means it will not register a hub which does not have the right zwave frequency to operate in that region. The US hub and the UK hub have different Z wave frequencies. So the combination you are trying to do cannot be registered.

I solved the issue already. Problem was that the hub was still connected to my German account. A factory reset of the hub which removed the hub from the German account and then registering the Hub conncted via VPN to the US account was successfull.

I think version 3 no longer goes outside UK and US. At least in Romania I did not connect anything to him. Not even Philips Hue.

Hi guys,

I just received my V3 Hub purchased from US and I can confirm that if you have the account on US, the hub will work and the devices will connect to it.

Hey. I bought a SmartThings HUB from UK Amazon. And it does not connect to the app. The light is blinking, but it does not find the HUB.

Why is that or how can I solve the issue?

Looks like Samsung decided to introduce SmartThings officially in Europe outside UK. According to these sources it should be available for sell in Germany this month:

So it should have correct Z-Wave frequency and you won’t need plug adapter., right?
Has anyone confirmed this info maybe? Do you know where it be available to buy?