What wouldn't work if I import a SmartThings Hub in France by myself?

Hello all,

I’m really tired of waiting for SmartThings to reach France… It’s been 2 years since I start looking at this solution, which seems to match perfectly my needs.
And now, I’m wondering why a “UK imported hub” wouldn’t work in France using a wall adapter (Power/Frequency are the same, just the format is different).

I already installed the app, and managed to connect some of my connected services (Netatmo Weather Station, Lifx bulbs…), but I see some differencies when I watch some tutorials videos, like the fact that I don’t see many “things” listed (I can’t find Smappee, for example).

For the rest of devices I would need (door sensors, for example), I don’t see why they wouldn’t work because they’re built on standard protocols like Z-wave or ZigBee ?!

What do you think ?
Did someone already tried a SmartThings hub in a “non official” country ?

Thanks for your answers,

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Same frustration different country.
PLEASE can we have an update to why we can not shop in the UK Web site and it is not available in the rest of Europe :slight_smile:

I am thinking exactly the same as Frederic, Buy it in UK and use it in denmark just replacing the power plug (or use an adapter) … As far as i know is all the Wireles frequencies in UK and the rest of Europe the same so it should be possible to use all the nice X-Wave and ZigBee devices bought in Europe as well.

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Zigbee is universal zwave is not. But if you by one from the UK it should work with al europe as they all use the same freq for zwave.


Happy to see that I’m not alone :slight_smile:

Don’t give Up the fight ! (I find it completely crazy to have customers “figthing” to be able to buy a product…)

Just chiming in with my experience: I use a US version v1 hub in Australia and I’ve had no issues. Yes, I realise I may be violating local laws about frequency ranges but I’ve been using it for about 2 years without any authorities knocking on my door!

I guess you’ve just got to be aware that the devices you can add to your system may be restricted due to availability or power requirements.

Many thanks for your feedback Paul, it reinforces my idea to import a unit from UK…


I live in Portugal, and im using SmartThings hub V2 from UK, and didn´t have any problem with it.

Using with it >

Philips Hue / Harmony Hub / Sensors / Fibaro RGBW

Maybe next month > Alexa or Google Home :slight_smile:




Did you find a solution to buy the hub from uk when you live in France ?


Stay away from zwave devices a d you should be good. ZigBee is the same freq every where.

If you buy a UK hub, just make sure you buy EU zwave devices, should you wish to, and they will work fine.

Do you know web site which accept to send a hub in France ?


The Amazon UK site ships SmartThings to Europe now, since October 19th!


Thanks for this good news :slight_smile:

ola joao sou novo no forum, mas gostava de saber se é possivel controlar os estores com o smartthings?
pode me ajudar?

desde ja obrigado


Sim é possível, basta ter o controlador por z-wave (ou algo do genero) que funciona.


Amazon.co.uk ships to Denmark now . I have just received my ST and it looks like all is good except the plug of cause… but a simple converter solved that .
I will update you if I find anything that points in the other direction.

Any update on availability of EU version of Smartthings, I need one in France.

I Can confirm you that a UK hub works perflectly in France !