Smartcam SNH-V6414BN/US

I have a SmartCam that is about 7 years old, I am trying to get it to reconnect but I am having a difficult time doing so… I need help. I googled it and it says that I can use smart things but it doesn’t recognize my camera-Smartcam SNH-V6414BN/US. I don’t want to throw it away ….can someone help?

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Short version. They don’t support the SmartCam anymore. Since before 2018… A firmware update for security disabled the stream the device needed to work with SmartThings. Considering its age they opted not to fix that problem.

Is now e-waste.

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:disappointed: It’s sad to know that I’ll be having to throw it away but I will go ahead and upgrade and update ……so all the other Samsung cameras work with smartthings? I am hoping so because I’ll be purchasing more of the little cameras I truly do enjoy using them compared to some of the other ones that seem to be not so easy or user-friendly.

My understanding is that only a couple of specific models have SmartThings integration. Most Samsung cameras unfortunately do not work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

To see which ones have an integration available in your region

  1. open the SmartThings app

  2. tap on the plus sign in the upper right

  3. choose Add a Device

  4. choose By Device Type

  5. choose Camera

  6. choose View by Model Name to see the models

Note that the exact features available in the integration will also vary by model.

Also note that the list of compatible models has changed over time, getting smaller as more security features were added. So the app itself will have the most up to date list. Older forum posts may refer to models which no longer work. :thinking:

Thank you so much

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