Connect Smartcam HD Plus

Exactly…I am starting to regret buying the hub. And if I keep it… What will be the next thing they will stop supporting.


Seriously, this was the single only reason I bought these cameras?! Smartthings support plastered all over the box of them both, surely this can’t be for good? WTF Samsung??

For me the same…now the only options are Netgear cameras. But maybe in 6 months they won’t work either…

Would anyone from Samsung care to comment on this? If this official integration has truly been removed then that’s pretty outrageous when you consider these products were heavily marketed in ST integration.

It’s a massive 2 fingers at people like me who bought these cameras, not because they were the best, but because they had official ST support status. I’m feeling pretty mugged off by ST at the moment and wonder how many more surprises lie in wait for your loyal customer base as you shift focus onto the hub 3, removing anything that won’t work due to cheap corner-cutting from Samsung in the production process.

I really would like to know from ST if I can get any guarantees from them if they will continue to support these officially supported products throughout the product lifetime. Smart(s)cam!! :frowning:

The silence is deafening in here… C’mon Samsung please can someone give us an answer on this? I’ve contact support but not got a response either.

This isn’t a company support forum. Email or call support if you would like to talk to a company representative.

I had the same issues over the weekend, noticed that both my camera were offline ( but still in the smartthings app as “offline” I went into the dedicated SmartCam app and both were listed as needing firmware update, i did this and managed to get one of the SmartCams up and running again - the other one tho seemed to be completely bricked! So looked up guide and found a page on samsung support that stated to remove from Smartthings and re-setup using dedicated app. But as i stated the Camera now seems “bricked” as it will only show Red light, never moving on to green ( can’t reset it and doesn’t respond to wifi direct button either) but even if i could get this back up and “alive” now i can’t add it to smartthing either! very frustrating experience tbh, dropping support and sending out updates that brick the camera. I have invested in a Nest Cam IQ, as it is supported by this great community of developers - which is kind of crazy that i get more reliability and peace of mind for an “officially” unsupported Camera than i do from Samsung’s previously (it seems) official option!

I have - if you had bothered reading my post you would’ve seen I hadn’t received a response. Plus unlike the US, UK customers do not have a ST phone number to call.

All, an update on SmartCam situation due to the problem noted below is the reason Smartthings no longer works for this Camera. smartthings access the camera via IP - this is now blocked and why the camera is no longer usable.

I eventually found after a long discussion with Smartthings that the people to contact is Hanwha Techwin’s which is who now owns the SmartCam technology - using Samsung’s logo with permission ( they used to be part of Samsung but were split out from the company and sold to Hanwha Techwin ) I managed to track down this number “00800 801080 22” this is a free international number. After a chat with a very nice friendly guy, I was advised that because my camera was having the issue of permanent red light that the firmware update must have caused this error and to go back to my vendor because the camera comes as standard with 2 years warranty. ( he did say should that fail to work they would do a goodwill under warranty replacement but that it would be a refurb and I would have to take on the cost shipping the device )

but to be clear he was adamant the reason that the camera is now unsupported is that the latest firmware disables the IPstream access needed by Smartthings. So it does look like this Camera is now defunct when it comes to the Smartthings platform due to safety concerns. and sadly I won’t be holding my breath for Samsung to reverse this choice or actively support this camera going forward. I will look to return my broken product and I advise that you also do this if you feel the camera is not fit for purpose due to intentional crippling if hardware/software ( even if it was for good reasons …i.e safety )

The story you have linked to was way back in early 2017 and has since been fixed. I have happily been using my Smartcam HD for the past 18 months on the ST platform with the latest firmware installed without any issue, though I am UK based, so not sure if that makes any difference.

I’ve since had a response from Samsung who have basically said they’ve just decided not to support it anymore but they have re-added the cameras into my classic app for access, but when the forced-migration happens and the classic app disappears, so will all support - I asked them if they would consider migrating existing owners with V2 hubs only, or alternatively offer a discount on a replacement (supported) product as Logitech did when they recently stopped supporting one of their legacy harmony products.

I had a response saying ‘they would pass my ideas on to the powers that be’


I have returned my Smart(s)cam today, and am now thinking of buying a different camera. From Tyrch reply I understood that ST no longer supports Smartcam because of security issues. Any advice on which camera to buy next? Any idea if the Netgear Arlo Q will have similar issues? Or should I go for the Nest cam?

@cweijers All I know is I looked at all Arlo cams and after a lot of two and froing I chose the Nest IQ. main reason like I said was the Smartthings integration is from the community so I know there is commitment and passion in that project and less likely to be dropped. Almost went with Alro as its officially supported but quality of the capture is only 720p and I wanted the better 4k downsampled to 1080p video… also I plan on expanding my nest elements in my home over next few months so nice to have all of that in one app. rather than smartthings and 11 other different apps for each element I add. my two cents anyway.

I can get the cameras to add but I can’t get video streaming to work inside the app. If an alert happens I have to use the samsung app to see what is happening and no longer receive a video clip of the actual event in smartthings. Very sad.

This. It’s a massive two-fingers up at people who invested in Samsung’s product to get this exact functionality with SHM. Amazing that this entire functionality will just be withdrawn. I have had it confirmed by Samsung that when forced migration does happen, these cameras will not work. So the ‘we’ll add them back to your classic account’ so you can keep using them is at best disingenuous, when they know all too well this is just a temporary fix…

I don’t know if you realize that Samsung just buying other companies like smartthings (your hub) or Hanwha Techwin (your smartcams) and trying to put it under one roof.
Since they are different companies they developed their products totally differently.
They can’t be pushed to work together because of significant incompatibilities and different consumer base.
For example, when smartcams find a security issue, they will fix it even if it means destroy smartthings link because Smartthings are connected just be 0.01% of their customer base.
Same will happen if Smartthings is not able to integrate Chamberlain MyQ because changes in API are too much, smartthings will just drop support.
Slowly but surely Samsung trying to integrate all automation companies under Smartthings umbrella.
It doesn’t seem like that but you are on the consumer technology edge with Smartthings.
There are better and much more expensive solutions and also DIY solutions and couple competitors, yet for the next 5 years, Smartthings is probably the most accessible, popular and cheap solution you can get.
So if they cut parts they don’t work or cost too much to keep them working you have not so many choices to do.
So please don’t flood community forum with your demands. Address official support line or email.
The community here can help to a certain degree but not to change a business model or get involved in business negotiations.

Hi @plantucha I do realise that Samsung bought Hanwha Techwin - I just do not accept that just because this is an acquisition of another company, this somehow absolves them of any responsibility for keeping things integrated, particularly in light as these cameras were packaged with ST starter-kit bundles as ‘official’ products.

I have 2 of the cameras, the HD pro and 6417 at a cost of circa £270 - the 6417 only being bought a few months ago and came in a box that was covered in ST logos. To suddenly withdraw support out of the blue and with no notification is very disappointing and feels like an expensive punch in the teeth to supporters of Samsung’s official products.

As previously mentioned, the UK does not have a support line like the US and I have already contacted support about this issue via email (and I’d encourage everyone affected by this to do the same).

To clarify, I am a longtime ST supporter, with over 100 devices, many of them official - I love the platform and have got many of my friends also obsessed with the ST eco-system, despite suffering like others with frequent down-times and other platform nuances, I have never complained officially, or on these forums. This issue however, is the first time I’ve felt ‘shunned’ as a customer of ST.

I have not made ‘demands’ I have asked ST customer support to consider continuing supporting these cameras for existing owners and fed back the response to other afflicted parties (for which I can only assume you are not one of them). This is a forum for ST users and a thread dedicated to one of the cameras affected by this issue, so it is very relevant that I voice my concerns here alongside others affected by this issue - 5 posts on this topic is hardly ‘flooding the forums.’

If you found yourself in a similar situation I’m sure you would feel the same…

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your reply. I understand what you are saying, but I would expect more from Samsung. Everything is possible, but it is a matter of cost and benefits. The cost is consumer trust in the Samsung brand, and Smartthings in particular. They clearly market the Smartcam as being compatible, and I think they should uphold this. Etc.

I completely agree. I have an indoor SartCam that works fine with ST & now have an outdoor one that will not connect. Despite understanding the reasons, I must say I’m left really disappointed in Samsung & am also wondering if I have invested in the wrong hub.

I am totally regretting my decision to buy into the Smartthings platform. Over the last few years they have been going in reverse. Especially with this new Smartthings app. Wish I could get all my money back!