Samsung HD Plus setup with Smartthings

Set camera up in smartcam app,works fine. Go to add existing camera to smartthings and it times out and goes back to marketplace screen. Factory reset twice,unplugged for 30 seconds…STILL DONT WORK…HELP
Says on side of box"works with smartthings" But does it?

I have two, the way you described it is correct. Make sure you have the right model number, I had a person on Ebay sell me a camera as a SNH-6414BN when it really was a different one. The other model which looks identical (but white) is SNH-6431BN. These have different printing on the packaging and do not come with an SD card. You CAN NOT use these with SmartThings.

Other than that, call customer service and when they ask you what you want help with say SmartThings, not camera. I made that mistake and they couldn’t help me.

Correct Package:$_35.JPG

Incorrect Package:

Thanks, Going to attempt the customer support this afternoon
Bought this at Best Buy
Beginning to think possibly my Note 4 could be the issue? Not sure, I haven’t put SD card in slot on camera yet, but not sure if that would affect the ST hookup or not, will find out this afternoon.

Model: SNH-C6417BN

The only thing I can say is that the model numbers don’t match up. On the SmartThings site it is SNH-V6417BN and the one you show is SNH-C6417BN. Slight difference, but maybe it causes an issue.

Great catch didnt see that at all.
This is funny, I clicked the link and look what came up…


They don’t even know what works with ST
That is odd…but…Box says “Works with SmartThings”…lol

Got with ST support and looks like this camera will be returning to Best Buy.

(…SmartThings will be unable to find this camera when using a router/modem combo, when running the discovery, SmartThings is unable to recognize the device as a compatible camera.
The only workaround is to connect a separate router and then connect the Hub to the router, as well as the camera through the same router (you can make sure it is only using the same router by disabling the WiFi on your router/modem combo).
I realize this is an annoying workaround but since these are LAN discovered devices, the Hub is unable to verify the camera through a modem/router combos…)

Oh well, hope all cameras that connect to ST are not limited by this.

I have a FiOS router/modem combo and both my SNH-1614BN were discovered fine.