Samsung SmartCam Outdoor - Doesn't work w/ Smartthings? REALLY?

I got this camera to use for front door / test to see if I want more for other exterior areas and it works fine with the smart cam app, but not with smartthings itself? Am I missing something? Why wouldn’t Samsung’s own outdoor smart cam not worth with samsung smartthings? Doesn’t make any sense???

Anyway to get it to work? Model is the snh-e6440

They are two completely different and autonomous companies. I believe there is only one Samsung camera currently supported. Whenever you go to add something you need to check the SmartThings compatibility list.

I know that, but how exactly is SAMSUNG SMARTCAM “two completely different and autonomous companies”???

That makes no sense, both samsung, both called smartcam, only one works with their smartthings ecosystem, so, back to square one, it makes no sense.

Additionally, that means there is not a single camera for outdoor use that can work on a multi-ap wireless network??? What is that all about? That’s dumb. There is arlo, but it only connects to its own base station making it useless in my environment where range is an issue.

Just frustrating, nice DIY system overall but then they leave out and don’t support REALLY OBVIOUS things that should be available. Seems half-assy to me.

Their compatibility list only has one model number listed “Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Camera (SNH-P6410BN)”.

I had the same issue wrapping my head around how the SmartCam and Smartthings businesses have nothing to do with each other (I also had a ton of issues with the Outdoor SmartCam in general, but that’s another story).

What helped me understand better was reading up on how freaking gigantic Samsung the company actually is - with more employees that Apple, Google and Microsoft combined. This infographic is pretty eye-opening.

Anyway, I have two indoor SmartCams (one is supported, the other puzzlingly not). But I am encouraged by Smartthings recent moves in supporting Blink and Arlo cams. Honestly, though - most of the users I’ve talked to seem to prefer having cameras on their own system for cloud recording and a live viewing experience that the ST app can’t deliver as well. If Blink or Arlo isn’t your thing, there’s always a true PoE system connected to a NVR and monitored via software like Blue Iris - which seems to be the preferred way to go for cam experts.

Honestly, the only real integration I want from ST with any camera system is arming/disarming capabilities. ST has enough to deal with and the cams for me are a verification/evidence tool more than anything else.

I’ve got the indoor smartcam, the officially supported one, (SNH-P6410BN).
It’s not really very smart.
The motion detection on the camera has never worked with Smartthings and the camera becomes unavailable all the time without warning.
Rebooting the camera makes it become active again, but because there’s no warning when it’s not working, it’s often unavailable for long periods when nobody is home.
This makes it a bit useless really.
The Samsung SmartCam integration with Smartthings is very poor.

I agree with you. Not only cannot connect my single camera to ST, IOS Samsung SmartCam app awful on iPhome, iPad, Windows 7 with browser plugin installed and have not discovered a connection solution with Windows 10 Pro any browser. Has anyone here found a satisfactory connection method please?

App works fine both old and new on android. What is your problem.

This outdoor camera simply doesn’t work. After a few hours of complex configuration I got it to work a couple of years ago. Picture quality was useless. After a while it stopped working.
This weekend I tried to get it running again and spent about 3 hours on it. A (poor) image came up for about 3 minutes, then it went off again. A nightmare of a product.
Avoid this useless rip off camera!