Samsung SmartCam HD Pro: SNH-P6412BN - Connection Issues

Hello Everyone!

I have a Samsung SmartCam HD Pro - SNH-P6412BN. Yes, it’s a 6412, not a 6410.

I cannot find ANY information on this camera. Any search I do just references me back to the 6410. I was hoping a firmware update or something would solve my issues, but I can’t find any support for this device.

It won’t connect to Smartthings using any of the connection methods. I’ve hard reset it, and if I go to the IP, I can view the video feed, change settings, do all that fun stuff. So the camera is working okay. I even created an account with SmartCam to try and add it there, the little auto-search they have found the camera, matched it with the S/N, but it won’t connect. I put the camera into DMZ mode (through my firewall) thinking that it was being blocked, nope. No connection still.

So I’m at a loss here. The camera has the EXACT same specs as a 6410, looks the same, but won’t connect to anything useful…

Thanks in advance.

You are having the same problem I am. Mine is a camera I bought with my AT&T Digital Life system, a service I dropped. I’m trying to use what I can with SmartThings, and so far I’ve managed to use the garage door openers, moisture sensors, smart plugs, and I think my Yale lock will work. The camera has been a problem.

I’ve attempted to add it the traditional way, reset it, etc. to no avail. When I try to access it via IP address it asks for a username/password and I have no clue what to enter there. If I attempt to add it from my laptop (with the plug-in that downloads), it senses it, shows the s/n, but the number won’t work.

Frustrating, since I paid a bundle for it thru AT&T, a service that was completely unsatisfying. Still trying to crack the cam, you’ve gotten a lot further than me. Share any info you think might help me even pull it up via the IP.

You’re doing / did the same thing I did. I have Digital Life still, but only for alarm monitoring until my contract is up. I had Yale touchscreen door locks (working - but tricky), the garage door controller (although I could not get mine to work, I had to buy another one - mine was a white one, Model Number: SW-ATT-GDC DLS 42707), and GE SmartPlugs (working).

With the camera though, the username and password is admin / 4321. I used about every combination I could and finally got it.

However, you have to use Internet Explorer (Not Edge - if you have Windows 10, just do a search for Internet Explorer), and this is where it gets tricky.

Once you put the password in, it’s going to come to a page asking you to install a plugin. Hold off on that for right now.

  1. Hit F12 on your keyboard - Developer mode is going to show up

  2. Click on the “Emulation” tab.

  3. On the left side, there will be a Mode section
    1 Change the “Document Mode” to "8"
    2 Change the “User Agent String” to “8”

Now, in the address bar, remove everything after the IP, so mine looks like: and hit enter.

If this works, it should bring you to the main page. It will ask you again to install the plugin, go ahead and install. Refresh the page when it’s finished. Internet Explorer should prompt at the bottom to allow the plug, just hit yes for all websites.

And there you are, should have at least viewing access to the camera.

Since Smartthings is probably out of the picture, I am trying to get a NAS working, or an FTP server to save the recordings. The SD card slot seems to be disabled. Which is probably why the version is different, this one was made for AT&T to disable the SD card slot, and probably some other features.

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Funny, I found the admin/4321 as well and got as far as the link to install the viewer but wasn’t in developer mode so the viewer wouldn’t work. Now it’s working, thanks!

I popped the camera open and the PC board inside says model SNH-P6410bn, but a label has been stuck on with SNH-P6412bn. I guess the real reason it won’t work is because the S/N assigned isn’t in an active group, so it can’t be ‘activated.’ It sees the camera on the network (via and reads the serial number, but that number won’t activate. So I’m guessing trying to update the firmware to the consumer version wouldn’t end well.

I’m thinking I’ll just buy a set of the Blink cameras - seems like one of the community developers has a pretty slick app for them. But I still feel challenged to make this Samsung work. I’m probably driven by my hatred for AT&T at this point.

That’s awesome @dmorris427! Glad to hear that you were able to get into the camera. I am going to try out the app that @anon36505037 suggested and see how that works.

I had actually already replaced my primary cameras with NEST Cams. The 24/7 cloud recording is what draw me to them. They’re expensive, and the NEST Aware is a little on the high side, but I like them so far. I was going to use the Samsung camera around the house when I need to investigate what dog is knocking things over, etc…

Off topic - how did you get your garage door opener to work? I messed with that stupid thing for a week and couldn’t get it to pair up.

I misspoke when I listed things I was able to salvage - I can’t seem to get the GD controllers to work. Can’t seem to get them to ‘exclude’. Guess I’ll be buying new ones.

At&t garage door controller is not a Zwave device. It works on the 900mhz range. The door locks are quite easy as long as you know your master code. If interested I can give the frequency / device list from At&t.

Hi, do you succeed to get the Nas working??

Nothing appear to work in SMB. Ftp work fine but only for frame capture.