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After losing all my stuff because Samsung changed my account. I am in the process of putting all my stuff back in to my SmartThings Hub. I am having a lot of difficulty getting my Samsung SmartCam to connect to SmartThings. I reset the camera. I logged into the Smarcam app entered my credentials. Now in the SmartThings I look for things and SmartThings cannot find the camera. Any help please

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Yesterday when I lost all my stuff because of Samsung changing my account to a Samsung account. The SmartCam was in my hub no problem. Now I can’t reinstall it. You may be correct. Maybe this is why I’m having such difficulty installing it in SmartThings. Thank you for the assistance I do appreciate it

I finally received an answer from the Smartthings help desk…in a nut shell…Samsung no longer support their own camera’s!!! Sorry about that…can always use the Camera software…good luck getting your money back…ta ta.

I am seriously starting to regret buying the Smartthings hub…if I start buying “things” and after a year of so Samsung decides not to support that particular product, then I am left with useless hardware. Who is to say that the Netgear camera’s will work in 2 years…


I email support after losing all my stuff in SmartThings Hub because of the account change. When I was installing my stuff I could not install my SmartThings camera. I told them about it. They were able to put the camera back in Marketplace for me and I was able to reinstall my camera. They’re calling it a legacy product and they no longer supported but you can still put it back in SmartThings if you ask them for help. I have on the camera for years and it was previously installed and they assisted me in putting it back into SmartThings

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I mean Samsung Smart cam HD pro camera I was able to reinstall it after contacting support. They put it back in Marketplace for my account and I installed it from there

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Good luck everyone. I’ve spent 4 hours trying to get samsung to add this camera back to my system after they deleted it with no luck

I spoke to them and they put it in the SmartThings app again under cameras and then I was able to reinstall it with no problem

Was that recently? I just got off the phone with them an hour ago and the guy I spoke with talked to his supervisor and they said they won’t do it anymore

It was about 5 months ago I never spoke to them on the phone we spoke email. There was very nice to me and they put it back in the smartthings app in marketplace. And to this day the camera is still in my smart things app in marketplace

Who did u call exactly?

SmartThings help team

@John_Lacour I’ve had a similar issue. I’ve got the Smartcam camera back in my list, BUT I can’t view a live feed, when I’m in the Smartthings app. The app tries to load the feed but crashes back to the home page. Does your live feed work OK?

Mine dose not either. They don’t support it anymore which is ridiculous