Samsung SmartCam help

(John Lacour) #1

After losing all my stuff because Samsung changed my account. I am in the process of putting all my stuff back in to my SmartThings Hub. I am having a lot of difficulty getting my Samsung SmartCam to connect to SmartThings. I reset the camera. I logged into the Smarcam app entered my credentials. Now in the SmartThings I look for things and SmartThings cannot find the camera. Any help please

(jkp) #2

Read the last post in the following thread

(John Lacour) #3

Yesterday when I lost all my stuff because of Samsung changing my account to a Samsung account. The SmartCam was in my hub no problem. Now I can’t reinstall it. You may be correct. Maybe this is why I’m having such difficulty installing it in SmartThings. Thank you for the assistance I do appreciate it

(Cees) #4

I finally received an answer from the Smartthings help desk…in a nut shell…Samsung no longer support their own camera’s!!! Sorry about that…can always use the Camera software…good luck getting your money back…ta ta.

I am seriously starting to regret buying the Smartthings hub…if I start buying “things” and after a year of so Samsung decides not to support that particular product, then I am left with useless hardware. Who is to say that the Netgear camera’s will work in 2 years…

(John Lacour) #5

I email support after losing all my stuff in SmartThings Hub because of the account change. When I was installing my stuff I could not install my SmartThings camera. I told them about it. They were able to put the camera back in Marketplace for me and I was able to reinstall my camera. They’re calling it a legacy product and they no longer supported but you can still put it back in SmartThings if you ask them for help. I have on the camera for years and it was previously installed and they assisted me in putting it back into SmartThings

(John Lacour) #6

I mean Samsung Smart cam HD pro camera I was able to reinstall it after contacting support. They put it back in Marketplace for my account and I installed it from there