Camera problems

Anyone any advice… I have two Samsung Wi-Fi IP SmartCam 1080p HD Pro Motion and Audio camera’s attached to my hub, up until a week or so ago they were working fine.

Then although both ‘active’ in the app they are unable to stream live.

I have re-booted everything, deleted and reinstalled the camera’s and they now, although once again can be ‘added’ they are now ‘inactive’ and the the app says they cannot be found.

Anyone any good ideas? i thought maybe a dodgy camera but I have two that are behaving exactly the same.



Been having the same problem with my recently purchased Samsung HD smartcams. Also with my dlink cameras that I had working prior to removing them so I could put the smartcams on smartthings. All of my cameras show inactive in smartthings but work fine in the native apps. Smartthings finds the cameras and can set them up, even reboot them from the smartthings app, yet shows them inactive. It’s extremely frustrating. I contacted smartthings support last week and they said it’s a known issue they are working to find a fix for.


I have the same problem with D-Link cameras. So I assume it is a common issue. Samsung sent email saying that they would be updating SmartHub with latest firmware soon, hope it will fix the problem. I have sent an email to SmartThing support.

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Looks like i have a fix…

Here is the transcript from the mail exchange with support (after being advised the normal, remove the camera, re add, re-boot etc. etc.

"There’s something else I can try for you, if you don’t mind? I can reboot the video systems server side for your account, this may well kick-start it back into action."

Crack on (in so many words)

"When you get a chance, please could you reboot your Hub and SmartCams again to make sure this change has gone through ok? Also, can I double-check that the cameras are connected up via ethernet? (If not, it might be worth trying out)

After 3 to 4 hours of it generally being un stable, camera’s dropping out and back it now seems to be fixed.

One small niggle I have is the camera logo has gone but other than that seems to be fine now.

Hello, Tony.

Thank you for your email, I have found trail on community page as well and it fixed problem for me as well. The cameras were available from the Internet (via D-Link site), from mobile (using D-Link app), only SmartHub was not able to communicate with cameras. But now everything is fine.

Thank you once more,