SmartCam 6414 on Smartthings not working

I have a new 6414 camera. I used the following website for instructions to connect to the camera:

Got the camera to connect to the smartcam app, and then opened the smartthings app and also got it to pair to the hub. It found the camera, accepted the password, and successfully paired the camera.

After being paired, picking the camera from the list of devices on the Home page shows a black screen with “Camera cannot be found. We are trying to connect.”

If I go to the smartcam app, the camera still works, and I can see the view just fine. But the camera isn’t displaying in smartthings.

Any ideas? I see lately that non of the samsung cameras on on the “works with smartthings” website… Is it just not compatible right now, even though the camera shows up in the marketplace within the app?

ENT stammberger gel?

You lost me… what does an ear/nose/throat (ENT) doctor have to do with this? lol

With the name kriesel. Sorry. Thought you were someone else

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I have two of these. You connect first with the SmartCam app then in SmartThings you “Add an existing camera”. Sounds like you did that though.

Only advice to give is to call support. Say “SmartThings” when told to describe the problem to the automated system. If you say webcam they won’t be able to assist in this as you’ll get a different group.

I’ll try calling them sometime this week and see how it goes. Thanks!

Please post what you find out…I added a BN6410 today and had the exact same issue.


6410s are not compatible with ST, the 6414s are.

I guess I should have reposted, but both of my cameras, (6410BN), started working just a couple of days after I posted.


The 6410, 6414 and 6417 cameras are compatible.

I just went back and checked, and my 6410 is now working as well!! weird…

I hadn’t had a chance to call samsung yet. glad I procrastinated I guess haha

Sorry, I saw 6410, but read 6411. I’ll blame the new glasses.