SmartApps missing due to improper Country?

Never really noticed anything until today, but I have no SmartApps in the new ST App other than the Custom ones I have added via the IDE and WebCore.

In looking into the situation, apparently, my account is set up for Tuvalu(?) as opposed to my US residency and that is the reason.

In attempting to change it via my Samsung account… well… it is not changeable.

Any ideas? I did send an email to support, but…


EDIT: The email response is below:

We regret the inconvenience caused. I would like to inform you that you have reached Samsung SmartThings Support Team, Unfortunately, we do not have access to changing Samsung accounts country specifically. I recommend you reach out to our Samsung Accounts department at via email/chat at!/ (right side of the page) and they can help get you taken care of.

In chatting with Samsung , they cannot help me either and tell me to call Samsung instead:

Please contact them at 1.855.795.0509.\n \nThey are open between 8am-11PM CST Mon-Fri, 9am-10pm Sat- Sun CST.

Is this ‘really’ an issue that is not readily changeable and requires this much effort?

Welcome to the World of (increadibly stupid) Samsung…

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FWIW hitting the country code issue was the straw that moved me over to Hubitat. Despite the various other issues I might have grinned and borne it with Smartthings, but when I found I was going to have to re-pair all my kit in any event…

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Final Post:

Samsung finally got the Country Code changed! The only form of support that ‘helped’ was the verbal phone call to 1.855.795.0509. No form of text, chant or email ever resulted in anything other than deferring back to the calling.

You will be placed on hold, BUT… there is a call back functionality that I took advantage of!

The end result, for me at least, is that that now my system is located in the United States again.