Need to update Samsung account region

I created a Samsung account for smartthubgs a number of years ago (when we could no longer use our original smartthibgs acct). I mistakenly set my region to South Africa instead of US. This is now blocking me inviting my wife to my smartthings home hub since her account region is correctly US. I cannot find a way to change the region via the Samsung account site or smartthings site. I found another thread that indicated smartthings support could help change this. Creating a new account and reseting / adding all my devices back to my hub is NOT an option.

The only way to change region is through a support call.

Thanks. Support call to Samsung or Smartthings. I’ve seen multiple different numbers?

I’ve only ever called / emailed Smartthings Support.

they will not change, you need new account, they told me.
they once changed region when i swapped sim cards overseas and refused to revert, but please write what they told you.

I called Smartthings support and they transfered me to Samsung support. Samsung support said they could do it but would take 48 hours for approval by Samsung account advisory board. So now I wait for a couple days to see if the change really occurs. Other users have told me I need a new a count so we will see.

They used to require a new account, they started being able to change region in most cases sometime last year. Good luck.

I can confirm that my Samsung account change (changing region value) occurred today. I received an email that the change was completed. I then confirmed in the Smarthings app that the region now shows United States.

Hey Darren, you’re one of the lucky few that have been able to change the account’s country :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you reach someone who knew about the existence of the “account advisory board”? Every time I tried to change the account I get stonewalled (I’m not in the US, I’m in NZ).

I’ve just asked local support mentioning the board, and they’re not even aware of such a thing, so they escalated the issue to see if someone can find something about it.

Any input/comment you can give is worth millions! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just called the Samsung US support number, asked about changing region, was told it had to be done via Samsung account, was transfered to Samsung account (no idea what number), provided some info, and was told the process can take 7 to 10 days.

Unfortunately @Chares I think you’re experiencing the difference between US and international support. :frowning:

@Brad_ST what’s the best way for @Chares to get to someone who can help.

Where in the app are you seeing that? Are you able to access all of your devices in the new app? I am unaware of a way to change the region within SmartThings once it is registered and within SmartThings your account is still registered in the EU which will cause problems if your SmartThings location is located in a different region.

To the best of my knowledge a new account is the only way to correctly register the region for an account.

Open new smartthings app
Click the hamburger button on the left to show the menu
Click your profile image
Click Personal Info
Scroll down to see region

You cannot make the change in the app. I had to call US smartthings support, they directed me to Samsung account support.

@bennettdarren is the new app working as expected? The value you are referencing is from the Samsung account side. While that might report “United States of America” for your region it does not match the value on the backend within SmartThings which is still set to EU. I would expect a number of different issues due to this including trouble sharing your location with other users.

I’ve personally gone through the Samsung account support team to change an account registered in the UK to the US and while I now see US as the region for that account, it is still registered in the EU according to SmartThings.


@Brad_ST… I’m not sure who you are… you seem to be representing that you are an employee of the SmartThings (Samsung) by indicating you have access to viewing my account. Can you confirm?

The app is working fine for all my devices but I still am not able to add my wife as a member (same “not part of the same region” error code). So where are you seeing that I am part of EU in smartthings. I checked in the app and the IDE website and do not see that? Please provide specific steps on where you are finding this info.

Darren and I are working to resolve this via direct message and a support ticket.

For those wondering, this is the value from the Samsung account portal that correctly reflects the region ST thinks your account region is 99.9999% of the time. It can fail to reflect the value store by ST if you have requested the country/region be changed.

Brad… I’m ready to proceed but don’t want to include the email address info in the community post. What is the best way to get you that info? Reply to the support email thread I already have for the ticket?

Dear @Brad_ST,

were you able to resolve the issue for Darren? Unfortunately I have the same issue (my SmartThings region is wrong and does not match the region of a family member I want to add to my location). I already changed the region of my Samsung account from “USA” to “Germay” via Samsung account team but as you know, this does not solve the problem.

Best, coro

Coro… in the end they tried really hard to fix the issue but I had to create a new samsung account with the correct region. Then reset my hub (or delete all my devices via the IDE… I can’t remember which I did) and and add all my devices back in manually.


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Hi @bennettdarren,

thank you very much for the quick answer! I was afraid that was the case.

I am still baffled that there is no other solution and I am probably going to leave SmartThings because of it (if I have to reconfigure everything anyways).

Regardless, this thread was my last hope so now I have a definate answer at least.

Best, coro