How I change my Samsung country account

Hi, I had install all my smart things devices in an account that I used to have it when I was in Romania. Latest 10 years I live in USA and my smart thing account things that I am in Romania. When I go to my account settings I can change my language but not the country. It’s a big hassle to create a new account and to erase and reinstall my 50 devices again. I tried to enable developer mode on to see extra smart apps on the new iOS app but there is none and I think something has to do with the wrong country assign to my account.

To change the country assigned to your Samsung account, you will need to call Support. After that, I believe you will need to reset SmartThings but ask Support before doing that.

Good luck!

Country of Origin/Region changes would most certainly need to be addressed by the Samsung Accounts Team. Samsung Accounts Team can be reached directly at: 855-795-0509.

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I called them 2 weeks ago with a case number 21071701370. Nothing change, nobody called like they promised. Another weak support from Samsung