New App vs Old App - disconnects

I’ve got both the old app and new app on my Android phone. In the old app, everything is working fine. In the new app, I have 2 “Things” that are not working correctly. First is the door lock (Kwikset 910). In the new app it shows as disconnected all the time, yet still works. This may be the reason the new batteries are only lasting a week. In the old app, it shows as connected and working fine. The other is a Homeseer Multi Sensor that I had for temp readings. Working fine in the old app and the new app is saying that it cannot connect. Any idea what I should start checking? One other note,… In the old app there was a “Replace” feature, is that no longer available in the new app?

Are either of them using custom device handlers? Do you have device health turned off in Classic?

There is no replace feature in the new app yet.

  1. Not sure what a custom device handler is, how do I check?

  2. I looked at the settings and see in the old app that device health is turned on.

  3. That’s a bummer. I found that it saved loads of time when needed.

A custom device handler is when you login to the developer website and paste some code.

The new app is still having features added to it. Hopefully z-wave replace is one of them.

Any idea why the items would not show in the new app?

Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. The new app for me says I have 277 devices, but I really have 293.

I’ve seen the new app behave differently for the same device, while the Classic works fine. For example, in the new app I have 6 of the same device, 3 are fine, 1 always shows disconnected, and the other 2 don’t show all the capabilities. AND, it’s using SmartThings default device handler.

Yes, support has been emailed.

Their response was - continue using Classic until the new app is fully functional.

Unless you have a burning desire to suffer with the new app, stay with the Classic app. IMHO, you should do the same.

Not sure what to do at this point as my door lock is eating batteries about 1 set per week. Assuming it’s caused by the app? Do I need to delete the app completely from my phone?

The app won’t have an impact, but something is up, especially since you’re not using anything custom. You could try excluding and readding the lock again.

So, if I am reading it correctly, I should avoid updating to the new app? I’ve been away from the community for a while and I have no idea what this new app is supposed to improve.

I have that app in the Google app store set to not auto update, but it’s on a few of my other phones already. I don’t use it because (for me at least), it’s useless, I personally don’t like the UI, doesn’t fully support a few of my custom DTH’s and other apps, ST stock dth’s don’t even look/function the same even on several of the exact same devices, and it doesn’t see 3 Rooms and about 20 devices that the Classic app can see and work with just fine. Yes, I have already submitted tickets, with the reply that I should stay on the Classic app.

Apparently (my limited knowledge) the new app is the only app that will work with Samsung’s newer appliances and TV’s. but that’s just from what little I’ve read. Others with more experience and exposure can explain better than me. @jkp, do you have a good post on that?

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I tell folks to install it and check it out. Folks will need the STSC app to initially setup newer ST hubs and for Samsung TVs and appliances. But other than that, You can use both it and the Classic app using the same Samsung account. But at this point, I would suggest sticking to using the Classic app as the main one as STSC does not have the full functionality that you get with the Classic app.

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You can ask ST support to sync up the data for you. You can also try opening the settings for the rooms and devices and clicking Save and they should show up.

For device handlers that don’t work in the new app, you can try to get partiall functionality by making a small edit to your DTHs, read the following post:

They tried to sync already. I’ve also tried the settings trick. No good.

Yup, done that too, but still a long way to go IMHO.

What really stumped ST support was why 6 of my Aeon’s were all using stock DTH’s, but only 3 looked right and the same, while the remaining 3 were even still a little different from each other. Very odd.

Last resort with getting rooms synced, is to delete them and recreate them :frowning: