Device shows on Classic but not new Smartthings App

Hi I have a Centralite Temp & Humidity Sensor that I added to a Hub v3 using the Classic Smartthings App (As instructed by the vendor) however device shows and works fine in Classic Smartthings App but not the Smartthings App. All other devices show and work fine in both Apps.

Is there anything else I need to do to have show in the Smartthings App?

Connect isn’t ready for primetime yet. They are moving devices over but still have along way to go. I have many innovelli switched in my home that cannot move over for that reason. Hang in there I understand everything will be moved over… eventually

It is odd though because even though I cannot control my switches from the Connect app, I can see them… I am having the opposite issue on a device where it shows in Connect and not in github or classic.

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The new app is horrible and unfriendly. I guess it is inspired in Craigslist layout.

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